Art Camp: Kids get hands-on camera lessons

The Lake Country Art Gallery has a brand new summer camp for Lake Country tweens and teens this summer.

The Lake Country Art Gallery has a brand new summer camp for Lake Country tweens and teens this summer.  The full day, week-long camp, Photographing Lake Country, will focus on the basics of photography and associated mediums with plenty of field trips to test out and learn new skills.

Zev Tiefenbach, camp coordinator, specializes in events and programming in the arts community. The North Okanagan native will bring his experience as a photographer and teacher to Lake Country.

Tiefenbach’s skills as a photographer intersect with his passion for capturing the essence of where he is: “I’m interested in photographing geographies, but I’ve found that facilitating processes that allows the local kids to photograph their own places brings me a lot closer to the images that I’m most passionate about.”

Tiefenbach brings a unique style to every camp and project he runs.  Boundless enthusiasm is combined with a practical approach that allows participants to develop a valuable and relevant skill set. As a professional photographer who draws deep satisfaction from his own pursuits with a camera, Tiefenbach knows that every photographer must find their own way in the world.

Topics at the camp will introduce participants to Photoshop, digital manipulation, printmaking and creative writing.

Local artists will be a part of the program and work with participants to help them find their creative voice.

The Lake Country Art Gallery is pleased to be hosting the program. “This is an exciting opportunity for young people to explore their community and share their vision with us in the public domain,” said Petrina McNeill, manager of the Lake Country Art Gallery.

The camp will culminate in a showing, with the collected works put on display at the FINA gallery on the UBCO campus.

This is the a fantastic opportunity for your child who is passionate about seeing the world through a lens.

The week-long camp is open for youth between the ages of 8 and 14 and commences July 9. Camp hours are from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Contact Zev Tiefenbach directly for more information at 778-883-2000.

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