Artists can submit as many works as they wish, including multiple panels which combine to create one piece of art.

Any style, any medium, any artist

The 6x6 Smithers Art Gallery fundraiser is taking work from artists of all ages over the next month.

Once again the Smithers Art Gallery is sponsoring its popular 6×6 silent auction.

The auction, which features works from local artists of all ages, is a fundraiser for the Gallery.

All artworks are the same size — six inches by six inches — and can be of any medium, style or material. Artists donate their works to the Gallery to be exhibited and sold in the auction. There is no limit to how many works any one artist can submit. Some works combine multiple panels to create a single work.

This year’s theme is “An Expression of Colour.”

Since the works are only signed on the back, bidders have no way of knowing who has produced any of the compositions.

The panels can be made from any material or they can be purchased from the Gallery for $4.

There are only three rules for artists: 1. The artwork must measure 6″ by 6″ and be ready to hang, either from the frame or from an attached wire or hook; 2. It must be signed in the BACK only; 3. The artwork can made from any medium, style or material.


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