Multi-talented, Guinness World Record holding magician Louie Foxx brings his wild antics to Key City Theatre January 22.

An interview with a magician

2018 Magic Variety Show hits Key City Theatre

Paul Rodgers

There’s magic in the air in Cranbrook — on Thursday, January 22 The 2018 Magic Variety Show will descend upon Key City Theatre.

This family-friendly event stars one of the most in-demand magic duos in North America Trevor and Lorena Watters, featuring opening support from Seattle’s Guinness World Record holder, multi-talented performer Louis Foxx.

Foxx, in an interview with the Townsman, described his act as an interactive variety show. He began his career as a magician, but found himself frequently working in comedy clubs, leading his show to become very joke centric. His love of performing goes all the way back to when he was five, when he saw a magician perform at his school. He recalled thinking “that’s what I want to do.”

He is now an award winning magician, with two World Records under his belt and a bevy of magic tricks that he invented in a career spanning 25 years.

“I travel the English-speaking world doing my show and I love it,” said Foxx. “I can’t think of anything I’d rather do … it’s a life’s work in that I’m continually fine tuning it, I’m continually adding new skills to it, or dusting off old skills.”

His show consists of balancing cups of water upside down, hand shadow puppets, irregular soap bubble figures, balancing giant spoons on his face and a huge variety of other obscure talents.

“Things that probably most people haven’t seen or didn’t know that was something you could do,” he explained. “Basically I like to say, everything that all my teachers in school told me was a waste of time, is my job.”

Foxx has known Trevor and Lorena for many years and they have worked together on numerous occasions in the past. Known as one of the top husband and wife teams in North America, their show will also feature a lot of comedy, but is focused more on the magic side of things.

“There’s a lot of magic, Trevor and Lorena do a lot of awesome magic, I’m doing, I call it my stupid stuff or strange skills,” he explains, “balancing the giant spoon on my face or whatever. So I’m kind of like a little pallet cleanser in there that gives a little bit of variety so it’s not just a straight hey look, stuff appears, stuff disappears, I’m a little bit of variety in that.”

Foxx credits being a middle child, looking for ways to get attention, and a little bit of ADD for his desire to always be learning something new. To find out exactly what is in store, you can learn more by calling (250)-420-1309 or (250)-426-0960. The event is sponsored by the Cranbrook Lions Club and proceeds will support local Lions Club projects.

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