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NANAIMO - Western Edge Theatre presents His Greatness at the Nanaimo Harbourfront Theatre.

Frank Moher performs as the playwright in Western Edge Theatre's production of His Greatness, which premiers Friday (March 11).

Frank Moher performs as the playwright in Western Edge Theatre's production of His Greatness, which premiers Friday (March 11).

Three men strive for change while dealing with tragic aspects of their lives in the play His Greatness.

His Greatness, written by Canadian playwright Daniel MacIvor, was inspired by Tennessee Williams’ visit to Vancouver in the 80s to stage one of his plays. It centres around three characters: the playwright trying to recapture his glory years, his ex-lover who is his hovering-assistant and a young hustler. The play, presented by Western Edge Theatre, premieres Friday (March 11) at 7:30 p.m. at the Harbour City Theatre.

Frank Moher performs as the playwright, Tom Favreau is the young hustler and Rick Myers plays the assistant. The play is being directed by Brian March.

The play centres around two “tumultuous” days in a hotel room where the playwright drinks, battles reviewers and waits to see if his latest play is the comeback he was hoping for, according to the organization’s press release.

“All three of these men are at the end of their rope,” said Moher.

Moher’s character goes through a spectrum of emotions from hilarious moments to showing a more fragile, vulnerable side. It reflects Williams’ own emotional state, said Moher.

“He was so funny and so vulnerable at the same time,” said Moher.

Moher said he relates to the character because of his work as a playwright and knowing what it is like to wait for opening night.

“It’s like being suspended in liquid,” he said.

Favreau plays a young Canadian hustler hired as an escort for the playwright to the premiere. He said his character has a “false sense of bravado” and is streetwise but looking to get out of his current situation.

The character was planning to try to get into the porn industry, but sees an opportunity to use the playwright’s connections to get into acting.

He wants to elbow out the assistant and take his job, but throughout the play he starts to realize it’s not something he is able to do.

“I try to take over a little bit, but near the end I realize maybe I can’t handle what I pushed for,” said Favreau. “The playwright is self-destructive and slipping down a downward spiral.”

Near the end he begins to realize how much work the assistant needs to do to keep the playwright together.

Myers said his character started where the young hustler is in life.

“He was like the young hustler and he says things like ‘I know your type, because your type is me,’” said Myers.

His character acts in a motherly way to the hustler, but at the same time is very protective of his role, said Myers.

Myers said he was attracted to the role because of his character’s “tragic lifestyle” and the fact that he “triumphs” at the end.

His Greatness shows March 11, 12, 18 and 19 at 7:30 p.m. and March 20 at 2 p.m. at the Nanaimo Harbour City Theatre, located at 25 Victoria Road.

Tickets are $23, $19 for seniors and $12 for students and are available by calling 250-816-6459 or online at



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