(Above) 'Blue Willow', a mosaic bowl by Shelagh Corcoran, and (below) 'Bold Colour', a mixed media piece by Shelly Lamb.

(Above) 'Blue Willow', a mosaic bowl by Shelagh Corcoran, and (below) 'Bold Colour', a mixed media piece by Shelly Lamb.

‘3 Artists — 3 Visions’ and ‘Colour and Creativity’ on display at Creston library and chamber

Creston arts council's Art in the Library running through Oct. 1, Art in the Chamber running through Sept. 30…

I sometimes wonder if we have too many artists in the Creston Valley but then I think, “Nope, you can never have too much art!” I hope the people of the area feel the same way and are ready to check out the new displays at the Creston Valley Public Library and the Creston Valley Chamber of Commerce.

Even when different artists select the same subject, the paintings always turn out differently, so this Art in the Library exhibit is called “3 Artists — 3 Visions”. Stop by and enjoy the watercolours of Ken Alexander, which often depict scenes from around the valley or his garden. You will also see a variety of works by Eleanor Van de Bogart in acrylic, watercolour and oil, everything from farm scenes to flowers and “critters”. The charming acrylic paintings by Pauline Menu will take you on a journey through nature’s wonders with landscapes and paintings of animals.

This Art in the Library display starts continues until Oct. 1, so you will have lots of time to check it out. Remember that all of the art is for sale and a commission is paid to the library; just contact the artist to make arrangements.

Look no further than the Creston Valley Chamber of Commerce for more wonderful art. The Art in the Chamber display is an abundance of “Colour and Creativity” and will delight every eye. Many favourite artists, like Laura Leeder and Carolyn Stone with their fabulous layered watercolours, or Cheryl Place and Shelly Lamb with their bold and colourful acrylics and mixed media, will have art displayed for sale. There are also a few artists who have never displayed their work at the chamber; Bart Bjorkman, Shelagh Corcoran, Carmen Ditzler, Eileen Watt and Anne Fetterly are adding their own brands of colour and creativity to the exhibit.

And that is not all! A total of 15 artists are displaying their creations and you will find everything from traditional paintings to works in concrete or felt. The new Art in the Chamber display runs until Sept. 30, so remember to stop by and have a look, and send or take your visitors down to see some of the fabulous “Colour and Creativity” that are making the Creston Valley well known in the arts.

As well as these two great venues, you will find a number of art galleries throughout the valley. Have a look at the artists and artisans binder at the chamber of commerce and plan a day this summer for a delightful art tour.

The Art in the Library and Art in the Chamber displays are sponsored by the venues and by the Community Arts Council of Creston to provide artists from Yahk to Riondel with the opportunity to display their art to the residents of the valley and to any visitors to the area. If you are interested in participating in these displays contact Val van der Poel at 250-866-5772.

—BY VAL van der POEL

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