Young: Don’t fret over adapting to change: Just deal with it

As knowledge and experience grows, you will be pleasantly amazed that your changes will arrive more swiftly, effectively and confidently.

Change is a constant in an entrepreneurial business environment.

Being willing, even eager, to embrace and adapt to change is a serious competitive edge for all entrepreneurs.

The changes you may be forced to face, accept and adapt to, all pose a potential impact on a business venture.

A friend and colleague told me several years ago when we were judging business plans: “If you’re not growing, you’re dying.” So consider stagnation, or a wishful longing for constancy, as a kiss of death for an entrepreneurial venture.

Depending upon how long ago you began your own entrepreneurial journey, you may look back and wonder how far you’ve actually come.

Not just by way of growth, but how you have personally changed, improved and hopefully advanced your pursuit.

That’s evolution. It’s what sets apart the most seasoned venturist from the greenhorn.

And because we evolve in some capacity, we internally drive certain changes in our pursuits.

When you began you venture, you probably weren’t sure of your skills and found that through practice and incremental improvement, you grew better expressing your thoughts, opinions and feelings in writing.

As knowledge and experience grows, you will be pleasantly amazed that your changes will arrive more swiftly, effectively and confidently.

There is no question, your purpose in creating an entrepreneurial venture is bound to change over time. Your own needs and goals from your dream are changing consistently.

Five years from now, you’ll likely find the targets you set are completely different.

Every entrepreneur in our era appears to be affected by technology.

We love it because technology streamlines and fuels most of our daily actions. We fear it also because it changes so rapidly, often leaving the older versions in the dust.

At times, I feel to-day’s technology fades a little in significance.  At other times, it gets totally decimated by new development.

Smart entrepreneurs will always adapt and compete efficiently. It may range through redefining the market they target, or by repositioning their offer to be more attractive and appealing, or even by re-aligning and partnering with larger competitors with deeper pockets.

To stay viable, competitive and useful, we must meet the changing needs of our customers. What customers told us three years ago will change today, shifting with marketplace demands.

If you keep offering the “same old,” trust me, they’re going elsewhere soon for what they want now.

So, how to deal with change? Simple. Deal with it. You can master the techniques and skills to accomplish the marvels of the entrepreneurial spirit. I believe in you.

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