Over 65 exhibitors had displays at the Smithers Trade Show which featured businesses with a wide variety of products and services available in the local area.

Trade show puts Smithers businesses on display

Expo not just about business, but a family affair, says outgoing chamber of commerce manager

We all know that spring is here for sure when the Smithers Trade Show arrives and we get a chance to see all of the exhibits with their new and upgraded products. This year’s show was certainly no different but perhaps even a little more exciting and interesting than usual.

According to the show’s manager Heather Gallagher, the show had more than 65 exhibits, all of which were professional and interesting. Some of these, such as the recreational vehicles were set up in the new arena and outside. This made the overall size of the event larger than before and perhaps a little easier to get into for those who may have been a bit more interested in some of the larger items such as trailers or campers.

Amusements at the show was also of the usual high quality that has become expected. Local acts kept those in attendance well entertained while there were more than enough games and diversions of a wide variety of levels for all ages.

Gallagher said more that there were over 65 displays in the old arena while the new arena was full with recreational vehicles such as trailers.

“People don’t get tired of going to trade shows. This year the gates are up. People like to visit the booths and they enjoy the businesses. There is also lots of great stage entertainment,” she said.

Gallagher said that they like to meet their friends at the show. “It’s a social place to come. We have lots of great local acts to chose from since were a great musical city,” she explained.

The show has been going for around 25 years with the main purpose being to showcase local businesses and their products. It’s a community event where people can bring their families.

While it is always good exposure for many of the businesses, each year there is a theme with this year’s being “True north strong and free.”

Gallagher feels that people come and they stay longer because there is more to do.

Prizes were given out to some of the outstanding exhibits. The overall winner was the Ministry of Forestry which included a variety of high quality pelts that seemed to impress individuals with a background in that particular area of expertise.

The Exhibitors Choice was the Fall Fair exhibit which included a Ferris wheel, while the library was the best information booth with it’s displayed of it’s planned expansion.


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