John De Freitas, owner of Van Isle Mystic, pauses while walking the sandy shore of Parkville Beach and tuning into nature’s aura. — Amber-Lea Marie photo

John De Freitas, owner of Van Isle Mystic, pauses while walking the sandy shore of Parkville Beach and tuning into nature’s aura. — Amber-Lea Marie photo

Tarot reading leads to soul mate, new home

Parksville’s Van Isle Mystic aims to support self-development and trust

John De Freitas, local owner of Van Isle Mystic, talks of gaining psychic momentum through tarot and aura readings, all the while having discovered that his professional past in counselling helped tune him toward his highest power.

“My husband, Scott De Freitas and I met over twenty-one years ago in Toronto through mutual friends. We had travelled in the same circles but didn’t know one another very well, so I read his tarot cards one day. It was really interesting. I told him that he would be going back to a place that he used to live, with the mountains and the ocean and I told him that he would meet his soulmate. About two or three months later I found myself driving across the country with Scott, who is now my husband. It was very surreal. I had no clue that I was the soulmate in his tarot reading,” De Freitas said.

“Generally, I am a tarot reader, and with that there is 30 years of experience. I find that people tend to be very forthcoming about some of their struggles in trauma and how it affects our ability to trust, and how it affects our ability to trust ourselves,” De Freitas said.

Having previously worked within the aboriginal community, De Freitas said that he received a sense of fulfillment in helping others gain insight toward their own self-development.

“In the work that I do one-on-one, often times I will see themes and or patterns, and lately that has been focused around self-empowerment and trust. What has really helped me to work with clients on these issues is my background in counselling, which was very intensive work. I have also studied and worked within a number of different areas surrounding the intuitive process, whether that’s basic psychic abilities or being able to see and interpret auras. It’s all a spiritual process, and one that matters a great deal,” said De Freitas.

“I love the word psychic because its such a contentious word these days,” he added.

“People either love it or they hate it, but I have just come to reclaim it. However, I truly believe that everyone has this ability, and that’s part of what I like to do – to help people become comfortable with it and aware of it and able to apply it in really practical ways of their daily life.”

In addition to his one-on-one tarot and aura readings, De Freitas has begun monthly workshops held at Infinity Gifts For Your Soul, located on Craig Street.

“I’m really enjoying being able to do workshops surrounding things like aura reading, shamanic journeying and tarot. I love the opportunity to connect with people who are also involved in alternative healing. Giving people a chance to experience some really neat things around energy, intuition and healing is very rewarding,” said De Freitas.

To book an appointment with John De Freitas, call 250-618-5249.

For future updates regarding workshops and pricing, visit Van Isle Mystic on Facebook, where De Freitas will be announcing the launch date of Van Isle Mystic’s new website this spring.

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