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Copper dances beautifully with greys, black, stormy blues, or dark olive greens

Copper is highlighted in a rock formation on Falaise Avenue in Royal Oak.

Copper is a beautiful reddish brown pure metal found in nature.  It has been used for thousands of years and we of course are most familiar with our old defunct friend the copper penny.

I have always favoured using the warmth of a worn copper colour in various design elements.  It’s not as loud as brass, aged brass or antique gold. It provides the warmth that chrome and stainless can’t, it’s really a great accent without being the centre of attention.

It dances beautifully with greys, black, stormy blues, or dark olive greens.  Just think of an aged copper light fixture in a powder room painted charcoal grey… it gives balance to the darkness of the grey.

On a recent run up the hill on Falaise Avenue in Royal Oak, I was struck by the oxidation of these beautiful rocks.  I find them absolutely stunning in tone and a perfect inspiration for a cool versus warm colour palette.  Nature often provides the best clues for creating colour schemes.

Across the highway at Wildwood Nursery, they had some very cool copper wall plates for outdoor or patio decoration.  This tree plate would be gorgeous on grey stained wood siding.  See how the rock would be the inspiration?

Sheri Peterson is a Saanich-based interior designer with over 20 years of experience working with residential, commercial and hospitality clients. Find out more at


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