Sooke resident Lesa Cro started up a new pet waste removal business. Cro goes to yards in the region, removes all of the waste and then composts it, so that it doesn’t go into landfills. (Dawn Gibson/News Staff)

New pet poop-scooping business picks up in Sooke

Poop No More service taking the 'dirty work' out of lawn cleaning

A new business in Sooke is banishing pet poo from local yards.

Poop No More started up about a month ago, and is owned and operated solely by resident Lena Cro, an animal enthusiast.

“I wanted to do something that connects me, in some way or another, to dogs. I am a huge dog lover,” said Cro. “And I thought pet waste removal is something that’s needed.”

Cro goes to yards in the region, removes all of the waste and then composts it, so that it doesn’t go into little bags or into landfills.

“I just started and have had a few people sign up for the service. I’ve also had a lot of people reach out and ask questions, so I am really happy about that,” said Cro.

She aims to get people signed up for the service on a weekly basis, and charges are based on mileage and the size of a yard. If people within the same neighbourhood sign up, the charge may be discounted.

“Hopefully things will take off,” said Cro. “It has been great so far. I love being outside, and I love the proximity to animals. Sometimes I see the dogs poking their nose out of the house looking at me. I also love the parents of dogs.”

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Cro aspires to see her business grow, and eventually be able to hire someone to help her. She also has a vision of offering the same kind of service for parks in the Capital Regional District.

“I noticed a lot of dog – deposits, shall we say – and bags that people fill and leave behind in parks and on trails. So I have spent my own time at places like Whiffin Spit every couple of weeks cleaning up the pet waste,” said Cro. “I talked to the CRD about collaborating and going into parks to do the same thing, but unfortunately was told it wouldn’t fit in the budget. That’s alright though, I still don’t mind volunteering.”

For now, Cro will stick to personalized yard tidying, and says she is available to work any day of the week.

“It’s so funny, though it may be an ‘ick’ for others, I find a satisfaction in the work,” said Cro. “And a sense of relief once the yard is clean.”

For more information, visit the Poop No More Facebook page, or call 250-661-1761.

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