Medical fitness clinic in Kelowna cures exercise ‘allergy’

LIVE WELL Exercise Clinic helps clients maximize fitness to treat or prevent medical issues

Are you looking to maximize your fitness to treat or prevent medical concerns? The LIVE WELL Exercise Clinic in Kelowna is founded on the belief that exercise is the best medicine.

If you’ve been diagnosed with a chronic health condition or you want to take a preventative approach to your health, the medical fitness clinic — the first of its kind in Kelowna — offers customized programs, qualified staff who pay attention to medical markers, and high levels of encouragement and accountability.

“With our mix of healthy lifestyle coaching, clinical oversight and individualized attention, LIVE WELL has proven results,” says clinic owner and director Cameron Biffart.

Even if you’re “allergic to exercise,” Biffart said LIVE WELL can improve your quality of life.

His clients Jeff and Hil Shardelow used to suffer from the cheeky affliction. Meanwhile, they were in and out of doctors’ offices, keeping the health care system “very busy.” Jeff, who is in his 70s, has had back surgery, blood pressure problems, three hernia repairs, severe migraine headaches and a blocked cartoid artery. Hil has Type 1 diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, and extreme fatigue after chemotherapy and radiation treatments.

“We were a pair of wrecks in bad need of attention,” Jeff said. “It was obvious that something had to be done.”

After visiting a few gyms and experiencing “gym-timidation,” the couple made an appointment at LIVE WELL.

“I was quick to tell Cameron that I was ‘allergic to exercise,'” Jeff said. “He made us feel very comfortable and almost inspired.”

LIVE WELL kinesiologists and clinical exercise physiologists (CEPs) created personalized programs specific to Jeff and Hil’s needs, and continue to provide them with supervision, monitoring of sugar levels and blood pressure, as well as education on healthy behaviors and lifestyles.

“Hil is motivated to get up and do physical activities around the house,” Jeff said, adding that his mobility has improved, his blood pressure is down, and his zest for life is up.

“If you wish to improve your quality of life, call Cameron for an appointment. If he could cure my ‘allergy,’ he can surely meet your needs.”

The LIVE WELL Exercise Clinic in Kelowna will celebrate its one year anniversary on Nov. 30 with an open house from 12 p.m. to 2 p.m. at 1455 Harvey Ave. Unit 5, where attendees will be invited to chat with kinesiologists and members.

There will also be complimentary program consultations and assessments for people interested in learning more.

Member appreciation gifts will be given for those members in attendance. Non-members will receive $100 off their first month if they book a complimentary program assessment that day.

To find out more about LIVE WELL Exercise Clinic and whether it could benefit you, visit or call 250.869.8088.

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