Langley among tops for jobs

Langley is number six for jobs in a recent survey.

Langley Township is one of the best places for business and employment in the province – and it has the numbers to prove it.

BCBusiness magazine has ranked Langley Township number six in its annual Best Cities for Work In BC list – up from the previous year’s 7th place spot.

Released in late December, the survey was developed in partnership with Environics Analytics. It evaluated the job market in 36 British Columbia cities using seven economic indicators, including income growth, average household income, population growth, education, and unemployment.

“Combined, these factors paint a picture of relative economic health in each community – and their relative appeal for those seeking work there,” said a media release from BCBusiness.

“We are pleased but not at all surprised to be ranked so highly on the list,” said Township Mayor Jack Froese. “We have a healthy industrial and commercial climate, thriving economy, and many opportunities for businesses to succeed here. With a community that supports local businesses and provides an incredible quality of life, this is a very desirable and affordable place to start a business, secure a skilled workforce, and invest.”

“While municipalities competitively strive to bring businesses to their community, Langley Township continues to be the one to watch across the province as a consistently progressive leader,” said Val Gafka, the Township’s senior manager of corporate administration.

“Our staff are committed to helping businesses in our community succeed,” Froese said. “We fully expect to see our ranking on the Best Cities for Work in BC list climb over the years as the Township continues to focus on attracting, retaining, and supporting business in our community.”

Gafka noted that the Township is home to a unique combination of assets that makes the community and its services attractive to every type of business – from large corporations to home-based businesses.

Located in the geographic centre of the Lower Mainland, the Township has easy access to national and international markets and transportation routes via US border crossings, highways, railways, ports, and the Langley Regional Airport, and access to the Vancouver International Airport.

With a number of recognized post-secondary institutions in the area, there is a skilled, educated workforce and a number of high-calibre research facilities in close proximity. As well, Langley Township offers a mix of land uses and affordable properties that appeal to prospective new or expanding businesses, and a mix of urban and rural lifestyles and affordable housing that appeals to potential employees.

Light industrial and commercial levies are on par or less with municipalities from Chilliwack to Vancouver. As well, Gafka noted, the Township is a partner in the regional inter-municipal business license program, which makes it easier and economical for eligible mobile business owners to do business in the Fraser Valley.

In total, more than 7,000 businesses ranging from retail and commercial ventures to manufacturing and agriculture-based industries operate in the Township, in more than 550 different economic activities, making for a diverse and stable business base.



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