Langford-based Perrier Roofing has been busy putting new roofs on homes across the West Shore since 1992. Whether it’s a new or old house, an attractive, healthy roof can be a major selling feature for many potential buyers.

Langford-based Perrier Roofing has been busy putting new roofs on homes across the West Shore since 1992. Whether it’s a new or old house, an attractive, healthy roof can be a major selling feature for many potential buyers.

HOMEFINDER: A new roof can be the tipping factor for buyers

Proper maintenance key to reaching your roof’s life expectancy

The bright spring sun is shining and it’s causing a number of homeowners to look up at their roofs.

If you’re preparing to sell your home a new roof could be the thing that attracts a buyer. While it’s not normally the first big selling feature potential buyers think of, it is a big project that a number of potential buyers may be reluctant to take on.

What’s up top counts. Roofs are one of the most important parts of a house to consider when buying or selling a new home, according to REMAX Realtor Jason Leslie. “It’s one of the top items looked at on property disclosures,” he said. “Buyers are always concerned about the roof.”

Dan Perrier, owner of Perrier Roofing, agreed that roofs are absolutely a selling feature for a home.

While Perrier said he’s busy all year, he is especially busy in the fall. “Everybody seems to think we’re busy in the summer.”

But Perrier said they do a number of quotes for homeowners in the spring and then get really busy installing those roofs around October when the wet weather hits and homeowners realize they need that new roof. “They don’t want us there when they’re having BBQs and enjoying the summer,”  he joked. Of course, those wet fall conditions make keeping your roof and home dry a little more complicated for roofers.

Perrier added that his Langford-based company, like many, will come and provide a free estimate for homeowners and can help them if they are unsure of whether they need a new roof. Some tell-tale signs that you may need a new roof include: moss build up, granule loss and general wear and tear.

He added proper and regular maintenance are integral to helping a roof meet its life expectancy. Making sure you don’t let leaves and pine needles build up, as well as keeping the roof free of other debris are key he said.

Keeping an eye on what’s on your roof is also equally important as what’s under it. “You want to make sure all of your exhaust fans are hooked up correctly… That’s how you get mold in the attic.”

Not only can poor ventilation literally fry a roof, it can also potentially cause other problems in your home.

So with the average life expectancy, depending on the products used, between 20 to 30 years, a new roof is an investment most homeowners want to take care of.

When it comes to roofing products, Perrier said he uses multiple suppliers so it really comes down to a homeowner’s personal preference.  Leslie added, “there’s a lot more options for colour. It’s changed dramatically, a totally different game compared to 10 years ago.”

Even if you’re not getting ready to put your home on the market, now is still a good time to evaluate the condition of your roof.

You don’t want to get back into Victoria’s notoriously wet winter months and find out you need a new roof.

– with files from Rick Stiebel

Q: What are some of the different roofing products?

If you’re preparing to put a new roof on your home, there’s a number of decisions to be made, many of which homeowners may not have encountered the last time they did a roof.

According to West Shore REMAX Realtor Jason Leslie the variety of products on the market has changed considerably, especially in the last decade.

“There’s been an evolution, with a lot more options in styles, colours, pitches and gables,” Leslie noted. People are getting more sophisticated in the choices they make, especially in higher- end homes.”

Leslie believes the fibreglass shingle roof is well on the way to replacing the wooden shake roof.

“No one’s doing shake any more,” he added. “The fibreglass shingle roof has a 25-year warranty and a reputation for low maintenance.”

Leslie has also noticed a move toward a steeper pitch, and the addition of more ridge cap options. “We’re seeing 12 to 12 pitches, which is effectively a 45 degree angle,” he explained. “It makes for a more attractive design and great curb appeal.”



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