Eye Etiquette Optical Boutique has built a reputation for superb product knowledge and customer service. (Facebook/Eye Etiquette Optical Boutique)

Buzz on Business: All eyes on personal services, costume rentals

Darcy Nybo gets readers up to date on West Shore businesses

Eye Etiquette Optical Boutique

Carolin Roussel opened Eye Etiquette Optical Boutique in Langford’s Millstream Village in 2007, and since then the shop has built a solid customer base thanks to great customer service and professional staff.

“We make sure we are always expanding our knowledge base,” said optometrist Jesse Olin Petersen, who has a specializes in treating glaucoma. “We strive to exceed customer expectations here. I love what I do, because I get to interact with individuals from all walks of life and somewhat contribute to – and improve – their quality of life.”

Darcy Nybo, Buzz on Business columnist

Once an eye exam is complete, their front-of-store staff help customers select the proper frame and lens combination suited for their prescription and personal style, he added. “We have a large and varied assortment of glasses for everything from computer work to sports glasses as well as glasses for children.”

For more information about their offerings, visit eyeetiquetteoptical.ca.

Platinum Express Business & Lifestyle Services

Rhonda Heaslip started a business in 1998 so she could stay at home with her children. She remembers juggling work and kids at home, and in retrospect wishes she had someone to take care of her everyday errands while she was raising her kids.

Over the years, she has built up her own small business to provide that and more, evolving into Platinum Express Business & Lifestyle Services.

Heaslip offers a wide variety of services including home management, moving and relocation, personal errands, event and party planning and executive and virtual assistant services. On top of that, she handles proposals, engagement, wedding and baby concierge services.

“Basically what I do is help people manage their time by taking away some of their to do list. What I find myself asking more and more these days is, how can I help?”

You can contact Heaslip at 236-880-9564 or email info@platinumexpressconcierge.com, and for online info visit platinumexpressconcierge.com.

Disguise the Limit

Owner/CFO (Chief Fun Officer) Maureen Cue of Disguise the Limit got into the costume business in 1992 when she opened her store in Colwood.

“I’ve always found my greatest passion and enjoyment in costumes.,” she said. “People come to me because they want costumes for modelling, or acting, or getting a painting done. Some ask for a T-rex costume so they can hug their loved ones while fully enclosed in plastic. Others come in because they are doing a proposal or creating videos. There are just as many reasons for a costume as there are costumes.”

The most popular getup they have these days is Darth Vader. Subject to public health restrictions of the day, people may want to host a Victorian tea party.

“Act as they did in Victorian times, no touching, no kissing, and quite often gloves were worn,” Cue said.

The shop is attached to her house, Cue is seeing clients seven days a week. Simply call in advance 250-479-1156 to book an appointment and be prepared to follow COVID protocols. Check them out online at disguisethelimitcostumes.ca.


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