Business profile: Selkirk Electric has been serving the community for 25 years

By Sarah Wegelin

By Sarah Wegelin

Selkirk Electric Ltd. has been serving the community of Golden, B.C. for 25 years.

Owner and Electrician, Joe Devlin, says he and his employees provide good service through onsite electrical services and in the retail shop.

Devlin says he likes his work because he’s doing something different all the time. He offers apprenticeships to aspiring electricians through the various phases of obtaining their certification. Apprentices work with the company providing maintenance, construction, and renovation services, Monday to Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., and 24-hour emergency after-hour service.

The retail shop offers a variety of electrical supplies including light bulbs, LED fixtures, household and industrial supplies. Gary Ottoson, Store Manager, says he tries to keep things unique in the shop. Customers looking for specialty items can order products in, Devlin says Ottoson does a great job at running the shop and finding items that are typically hard to find.

One of the more popular items available in the shop are LED pod lights. Devlin and Ottoson explain the pod lights are being installed in some buildings by the hundreds. The attraction to the lights is the clean fit they provide to ceilings, especially those that are high up – the lifespan of the pod lights reach 7,500 hours, meaning you don’t have to change the bulb very often. Devlin explains the LED pod lights provide more light while using less power.

A popular service among many provided by Selkirk Electric Ltd. is custom in-floor heating. In-floor heating provides passive, slow, efficient heat, that is “quite nice” for the customer once installed. In-floor heating can replace traditional heating options. Devlin says it’s a good source of heat.

Ottoson explains with technology constantly evolving new electrical products are being invented including thermostats you can set with the WiFi on your cellphone as a remote control, security cameras and sensors that follow movement.

For all your electrical needs Selkirk Electric LTD. has you covered. For more information contact Devlin at 250-344-2530 or e-mail him at

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