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Business Profile: Kicking Horse Embroidery

Susan Leigan loves to sew and quilt, which is why she opened Kicking Horse Embroidery.

Susan Leigan loves to sew and quilt, which is why she opened Kicking Horse Embroidery.

What started as a small family business has grown in its six years to include trophy and medal engraving, urn engraving, embroidery, Wrangler sales, sewing, alterations, and pretty much anything you’d like to put a personal touch on.

“It’s all a lot of fun,” Leigan said. “The alterations is my love.”

In 2013, Leigan purchased Kicking Horse Embroidery and operated it from her home. The following year, she moved into her downtown location. With the help of her son, Eddie, and daughter, Rayanne, the family-operated business flourished. Born and raised in Golden, Leigan takes great pride in her work, and loves helping out local people, businesses, and teams.

At this time of year, she is busy engraving and preparing trophies and plaques for a handful of teams who are finishing their winter seasons.

Leigan expanded Kicking Horse Embroidery to include trophies in 2015, and later that year became an authorized Wrangler supplier for Golden. Her embroidering machine lets her put people’s logos on jackets, work clothes, and whatever else they desire. It sews thousands of stitches into a polished design that people really enjoy.

The business has expanded so rapidly, and Leigan’s children have grown and own their own businesses and have their own families now, so Leigan is looking to slow it down a bit.

She has placed the business for sale, and hopes that someone with passion will take it over.

But, she doesn’t want to give it up completely. She loves what she does, and hopes that whoever purchases it will continue to let her work for them.

Over the years of owning and operating Kicking Horse Embroidery, Leigan has become so busy and involved with the business that she hardly has any time to sew and quilt for herself any more. She hopes that with the sale of the business, she will have more time to focus on her hobbies, while continuing to serve the needs of businesses and teams in Golden. Now, Kicking Horse Embroidery not only serves the community of Golden, but Leigan is getting requests from all over B.C. and Alberta, and even as far away as New York. Some visitors had stopped in Golden, took a picture of a shirt in her storefront, and later asked if she could do an order to be shipped to them. Kicking Horse Embroidery also has a shop on Etsy, and makes sales online that way as well.

Stop in to see what Kicking Horse Embroidery has to offer at 413 9th Avenue N. in Golden, or call 250-344-2204 to find out more.

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