Evan Pitman is a computer repair specialist and the owner of Alipine IT in Golden. Sarah Wegelin/Star Photo

Business Profile: Former raft guide turns hobby into business at Alpine IT

By Sarah Wegelin

By Sarah Wegelin

Alpine IT offers a broad spectrum of computer and cellular phone repair to community members in Golden.

Owner, computer repair specialist, and former raft guide Evan Pitman opened his business in 2015, after years of travel, settling into a community of like-minded people to raise a family while sharing his enjoyment.

“I really enjoy fixing things and the satisfaction that comes from troubleshooting and resolving an issue. Tinkering with computers was a hobby which started in high school. This led me to pursue it into my university years,” Pitman said.

Originally from Australia, Pitman travelled to work as a raft guide and ski and snowboard in various parts of Europe. He came to Golden for the first time in 2002 for a winter and started working in the IT industry in the U.K. that same year.

He came back to Golden to work with Glacier Raft company where he worked as a bus driver for one summer and as a guide for five. Through the company he met his wife, Hanna Sander-Green and started a family.

In 2014, Pitman enrolled in a self-employment program through East Kootenay Employment Services and started his business the following year.

Some of the challenges he experiences as a business owner, Pitman says, is finding enough time to get everything done.

“Managing a business with kids and a family, it feels like there’s not enough hours in a day,” he says, but adds he enjoys the challenge in trouble-shooting repairs for his clients.

Pitman offers a variety of computer and cellular repair services, including repairs, data recovery, virus removal, phone repair, tune-ups, business and residential services, and sales. He can also provide repair services for two-way radios.

Alpine IT is located at 1007D 10th Street S. For more information contact Pitman at 250-344-1772.

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