Canadian Timberframes owners Stephanie and Jeffrey Bowes took over the business about a year ago. Sarah Wegelin/Star Photo

Business Profile: Canadian Timberframes is a local business with a big reach

Canadian Timberframes have been manufacturing spectacular homes for almost 20 years now.

Canadian Timberframes have been manufacturing spectacular homes for almost 20 years now.

Since first building homes in Golden, it has branched out to build homes and commercial structures all across North America. Owners president Jeffrey Bowes and his wife, vice president Stephanie Bowes say they owe the success of the business to the people and the environment in Golden.

“It’s a real kudos to Golden. The fact that we’re here allows us to compete internationally,” Jeffrey says, explaining it’s the quality of wood and the hardworking mentality of the people employed at Canadian Timberframes that is helping to build this company into an “affluent luxury brand.”

“The people in Golden have always been hardworking. It’s a work hard, play hard mentality here. We have great employees and the highest quality Douglas fir in the area,” Jeffrey explains.

The company was founded in 1999, and Jeff became a partner in 2011. He and Stephanie became sole owners of Canadian Timberframes as of January 1, 2017. Their vision for the company is to be one of the leaders in the industry and to attract top talent to the company/community; providing long-term careers to go with the Golden lifestyle.

Not only do they employ from within the local community, they also reach out to other countries and provinces and bring new talent in to the community.

“The employees take a lot of pride in their work,” Jeffrey explains.

The locally-grown slow growth, tight grained Douglas fir tree is having a moment right now. It is the most sought-after wood by architects and clients within the industry and adds to the quality of product we manufacture here.

Stephanie explains the clients of the Canadian Timberframes reach from western North America to the eastern United States.

“We’re winning projects in some of the most prestigious areas in North America, and it’s our employees and the pride throughout our company that allow us to do that,” says Stephanie.

She explains her work is “inspiring every day,” and they are proud of the contribution to the market place, the quality they produce, and professional services they deliver to clients every day.

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