A group of ATVers enjoy their tour of the Golden backcountry.

A group of ATVers enjoy their tour of the Golden backcountry.

ATV tours great way to see the Golden backcountry

ATV tours give people a chance to see a whole new world.

Some of Golden’s backcountry trails are so long and vast, it would take days, and a lot of energy, to hike through them. All terrain vehicles are an exciting and fun way to see those trails.

“It’s a great way to see the area, because it would take you days to hike where we go. Some of the spots are accessible by car, but to really get out there in nature it’s great to do it on an ATV. It’s the best way to go, and the easiest way,” said Che Koroll, owner and operator of Canadian Offroad Adventures’ ATV Tours.

A self-described “ski bum,” Koroll came to Golden seven years ago when he needed a change from Whistler. And a couple years after that, he saw a new opportunity.

“I just saw the opportunity, no one in Golden was really doing the ATV thing,” said Koroll. “I went into Community Futures and got a loan. They’re really good, they’ve helped quite a few people here in town.”

Through the ups and downs of the tourism industry in Golden, the ATV tours are still operating, and Koroll still enjoys what he does.

“It slowed down for a while, wasn’t really sure what I was going to do. But I started going back out again, and realized I still loved it. And that was the reason I started the business in the first place, I thought it was the best job I’d ever had, to be out there driving around,” he said.

He especially enjoys showing people from all over the world Golden’s unique countryside. Over the years, Koroll has been able to determine what kind of ride it will be, depending on what part of the world the group is from.

“I get the full gambit of demographics really. I get the prairies people who are just out to see the mountains, and they’re amazed by that… And then I get city groups, guys from Calgary who just want to get out on a machine, and maybe see a deer,” he said.

“A lot of the groups from Europe I get also just want to get out on a machine on the trails. They’re not allowed to drive off roads over there. So I get a lot of Germans, Swiss, and Austrians especially. It’s funny, they actually use ATVs on the roads over there.”

ATVs are powerful machines, Koroll offers tours for all levels of experience. And no one goes out on the trails unless they can prove they’re comfortable on the vehicle.

“We do accommodate people who have never been on an ATV before, that’s a large part of what we do… But I’d say almost everybody picks it up pretty quickly during their orientation at the beginning,” he said.

Of course, every once in a while a person comes along who just doesn’t get it.

“Most of the time I’ll suggest they just go as a passenger. And quite often it’s a guy dragging his wife along who didn’t really want to go in the first place, but he sort of shamed her into it… Usually she’s more than happy to jump on the back, relieved actually,” said Koroll.

For more informatiom about tours, go to www.atvgolden.com, or call 250-290-0002.


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