Auren Ruvinsky

Broombusters have Parksville firmly in their sights

The season to cut the nasty weed is just a couple of months away

Family Day splash at Ravensong Pool in Qualicum Beach

The Regional District of Nanaimo, with sponsorship from Quality Foods, offered free swimming and free skating on Family Day

Museum eyes old building in downtown Qualicum Beach

Meanwhile, town council delays a vote on the property owner's plan for duplexes

Qualicum Beach town council considers 18-lot subdivision

Project would require changes to official community plan and zoning — it’s parks/rec now

Qualicum Beach crime stats: a ‘revolving door’ of criminals

Officer in charge of Oceanside RCMP provides town council with a report on crime in 2015

Arrowsmith searchers looking for stable funding

Local group not sure yet if it will receive any of the $10 million announced by the province

Marconi is on the mend

An update to last week's cat-abuse story in Qualicum Beach

Martindale Road flooding — residents have been calling for change since at least 2005

Last week, search and rescue called, water more than a metre deep

Qualicum Beach to look at DCCs again

DCCs for a single family residence after the 2012 changes are $11,733 in downtown Qualicum Beach, compared to $14,489 in Parksville

Dementia-friendly plan growing in Qualicum Beach

One town councillor is calling for caution and more consultation

Meeting about refugees in Qualicum Beach attract more than 100 residents

Mayor tells gathering there are many ways to get involved

Farmers from Parksville Qualicum Beach region optimistic about food security

The average net income from working on a farm is only $20,000

DCC review moves forward in Qualicum Beach

Next regular meeting of council is scheduled for Feb. 1; new human resources manager welcomed by CAO Daniel Sailland

Considering heritage buildings in Qualicum Beach

Staff will bring an overall plan or policy back for council’s consideration to address notable buildings in the future

EOI process still relevant in Qualicum Beach

Town explains that refugees would have a short-term stay in town-owned house; EOI is for longer-term use

Cats abused in Qualicum Beach

One cat required surgery to remove a wire from its skin

More refugees headed to Parksville Qualicum Beach

To date, 16 efforts are underway in the Mid-Island region to house refugees

Dementia group wonders if town-owned house no longer available

Town says use by refugees would be short term and house still available for groups longer term though an EOI process

Cell tower approved for Qualicum Beach

That and other news from town council's meeting on Monday night

Qualicum Beach looks to offer town-owned house for Syrian family

The next step is to put in a bid for a specific family, then do paperwork showing they will support them for a year