Warren Watson

Play Bridge: An unusual pre-empt move

"There is no such thing as a club weak two because Two Clubs shows a strong hand."

Play Bridge: Overcalling when both foes have bid

To make a not-vulnerable overcall at the one-level, it is generally accepted that one needs 8 HCP’s and a good suit.

Making use of competition

"Bridge would be much simpler if every time one had points, the opponents stayed quiet."

Play Bridge: Holding an opponent’s suit

Play Bridge with Warren Watson

Play Bridge: Properly using the Double Fit advantage

"...if one has super fits in one suit or double fits in two suits, one can get a lot more mileage out of one’s high cards."

Play Bridge: Using a misfit with a partner

Tips and tricks for players new to experienced.

Play Bridge: Properly using the Law of Total Tricks

"Pass when partner is getting another bid is the hardest bid to make of all those bids."

Play Bridge: Final column for slam series

"This is the last column in my slam series and the start of a series on competitive bidding."

Play Bridge: Chances of catching the Last Train

This is the penultimate column on cuebidding sequences.

Play Bridge: ‘DONT’ over opponent’s no-trump

Warren Watson leads readers in an ongoing game of bridge.

The Western cue bid

Tips, tricks, strategies and play for a game of bridge

Handling an unusual no-trump

Play Bridge: Tips and tricks for the bridge player, new to experienced.