Valerie Warmington

COLUMN: In search of the common good

City councillor Valerie Warmington has a suggestion for anyone putting together their New Year's resolutions.

COLUMN: Social determinants that affect Nelson

'Over time, a variety of punitive clawbacks were introduced further weakening the social safety net.'

COLUMN: Managing fire and water requires careful balance

Nelson has been revelling in the rain, relieved that reservoirs are full and wildfire risk reduced for the moment.

COLUMN: A call for courage, creativity, and commitment to change

Lately I have been feeling a little stressed by the challenges facing our community and society more generally.

COLUMN: Nelson’s heritage is worth celebrating

It is said that history is written by conquerors and subject to change but that heritage stands the test of time.

COLUMN: Bylaw not the answer to panhandling problem

Councillor Robin Cherbo recently wrote about panhandling in his column and as a start to this year I have decided to do the same.

COLUMN: Water issues still challenge Nelson

Councillor Valerie Warmington on city hall's approach to low water levels.

COLUMN: UBCM considers wide spectrum

Nelson city council is in Vancouver at the annual Union of British Columbia Municipalities meeting.

COLUMN: Is it just me or is it hot in here?

Councillor Valerie Warmington says cities are ahead of senior governments on climate change.

COLUMN: Art as culture

"Publicly accessible art, such as the sculpture on Baker St., gives people a sense of place and community connectedness..."

COLUMN: On recreation and regional discussions

Newly-elected city councillor Valerie Warmington comments on recreation and regional discussions.