Gord Turner

The eyes have it

Eye contact is a powerful connection, all but lost in many modern situations

The new funny money

Castlegar News bi-weekly columnist Gord Turner points out that smooth, slippery cash is even harder to hang onto

Nutcracker, not suite

Castlegar News bi-weekly columnist Gord Turner notes some interesting points in regard to a famous production

One of the good guys—gone

Columnist Gord Turner remembers a tragically-taken local resident

Rules in Sport and Life

Bi-weekly columnist Gord Turner observes how rules are in effect for good reason.

Grandview seniors moving forward

Bi-weekly columnist impressed by state of development at the south end of Castlegar

Traveling to experience something new

Another account from the recent Asian adventures of bi-weekly columnist Gord Turner

The Hunger Games

A review of the popular book which has also been made into a popular movie, by a Castlegar bi-weekly columnist

The power of doing things badly

Submission from Castlegar News bi-weekly columnist

The business of getting old

Bi-weekly columnist examines issues likely to accompany advancing age

Snowbirds for a week

Castlegar News semi-weekly columnist shares details of a sunny week away

From your Valentine

Semi-weekly contribution from Castlegar News columnist

A madman loose in the world

Semi weekly columnist reveals some personal traits that make him unique

Favourite spots

Semi-weekly columnist examines what it is that makes a preferred hang out

The joy of outdoor rinks

Semi-weekly columnist explores the issue of outdoor skating/hockey rinks in Castlegar