Tom Paterson

T.W. Paterson: ‘Picturesque’ Ogilvy fought bill to the end

As far as officials were concerned, the greatest discovery in his effects was proof that he'd been anything but a pauper.

T.W. Paterson: Locally and nationally, heritage is news

Over the last 30 years Canada has lost over 20 per cent of its historical buildings. —the National Trust for Canada.

T.W. Paterson: One man’s junk another man’s treasure

The hunters who swore they'd seen the old logging truck said the solid brass radiator was intact

T.W. Paterson: Not everything in the news is ‘new’

Going back perhaps as much as 14,000 years, archaeologists have been examining the seabed off Haida Gwaii

Grateful for mention of heroic grandfather

"If only the young miners would take heed and know of the struggle and suffering the old miners went through..." —Jock Gilmour

T.W. Paterson: Death of Nanaimo fireman still unsolved

There would have been no inquest had not the deceased’s family insisted.

T.W. Paterson: How Nesbitt saved Craigdarroch castle

Those who think that the castle has always been there simply don’t know how close it came to being lost.

T.W. Paterson: Happy birthday, Canada. Now what?

History, Canadian history, is in the news these days. 2017 is Canada’s 150th birthday.

T.W. Paterson: Clara Dick watched Vancouver Island grow

Ladysmith was another of the towns that she watched grow “from nothing along the shores of Vancouver Island”.

T.W. Paterson: Christmas concert at Bench School, part 2

The late Bob Dougan of the pioneering Cobble Hill family completes his tale of a Christmas concert in a one-room schoolhouse in the 1920s.

T.W. Paterson: Yet more historical nuggets from today’s headlines

Earlier this year I told you about ‘Queen of the Hurricanes’ Elsie McGill (1905-1980)

T.W. Paterson: Compare 1916 lead-up to Christmas to 2016

With Halloween and Remembrance Day now behind us it’s full steam ahead for Christmas — at least in the stores.

T.W. Paterson: Today’s flu bug is nothing like that of 1918

“Will not the women of Nanaimo come forward in this emergency to help their sisters who are less fortunately situated?” —Nanaimo Free Press.

T.W. Paterson: War brought sorrow for British devotee

In his day he was Cowichan’s best known citizen — known not just locally and regionally but internationally

Cowichan’s John Gribble goes home

(Originally written in 2002 with the help of the late Nanaimo historian John Cass who graciously shared his copy of the Gribble journal.)

T.W. Paterson: More historical gems from today’s news

The Pitt River literally sparked my career as a writer of provincial history...

Nanaimo the end of the line for brewer

Vancouver and Nanaimo made newspaper headlines, early in July 1888

Swindling Swami’s treasure island for sale, part 1

The weird story of Edward Arthur Wilson — Brother XII — seems too incredible to be true.

Chronicles: ‘Ma Miller’s’ birthday recalls unsolved crime

“...Laid in wait for at the edge of a lonely woods, and shot down FROM BEHIND by a stealthy assassin...” —Colonist, Aug. 6, 1869.

‘Bob’, the boy in the iron lung [photos]

It was his unfailing cheerfulness that astounded hospital staff and that his brother Walt remembers 70 years later.