Toby Gorman

Theatre society revisits building studio space

NANAIMO – Council struggles to fulfill cultural mandate while keeping an eye on spending.

Council reviews development set-back policy

NANAIMO – High rate of variance approvals for developers has elected officials concerned waterways aren't being properly protected.

Archeologists ask for park inventory

NANAIMO – Society says protected historic cemetery lies close to work site, requests inventory of Colliery Dam Park.

Elected official admits to public urination

NANAIMO – Coun. Bill McKay tells CBC radio he urinated on a building in city's downtown.

COLUMN: Recycling unlikely to save the world

NANAIMO – I’ve become convinced that recycling is not going to save the world.

Public washroom to be installed at Diana Krall Plaza

Council holds its nose and approves $100,000 facility.

Assessments show stable home values

NANAIMO – Stability continues to settle over local property assessments in the Nanaimo area compared to the mid-2000s.

Council meetings to remain at Shaw Auditorium

NANAIMO – Meetings will continue to be recorded and available on Internet.

Second attempt to push core review through fails

NANAIMO – Vote fails 5-4, majority of council says citizens are content with services received for taxes.

Council agrees to explore dam options

NANAIMO – Community group provides alternatives, council agrees to spend $60,000 and six months to consider dam rehabilitation, repair.

City sells old annex for $1

NANAIMO – Tectonica Management to revitalize, seismically upgrade 70-year-old building.

COLUMN: Province forsakes our natural world

NANAIMO – Government set to allow the deaths of a third of the province’s wolf population.

Lingering NHL lockout hurting pubs, sporting goods retailers

NANAIMO – Hockey fans growing disillusioned, games cancelled through Dec. 30.

Winter wallops Harbour City

NANAIMO – Unexpected snowfall blankets city, drivers adjusted well for the most part.

Motion aims to start core review

NANAIMO – Riparian setbacks, public engagement in budget deliberations also to be considered.

City purchases waterfront rail yard downtown

NANAIMO – City enters into purchase agreement to secure key piece of property in Nanaimo's downtown core.

Residents complain of disruptive construction

NANAIMO – Residents worried chlorine tanks at new water treatment centre pose fire risk

New goals set to reduce city’s gas emissions

NANAIMO – New targets include three-per cent reduction below 2007 levels by 2020, 39 per cent reduction below 2007 levels by 2050.

City, RCMP team up to eliminate pedestrian-vehicle accidents

NANAIMO – RCMP distribute 600 reflective armbands to pedestrians, ensure cyclists have proper lighting systems and reflective clothing.

Nanaimo council reluctant to discuss Centre Stage upgrades

NANAIMO – Firm says $800,000 is needed to fix 116-year-old building being used for performing arts.