Susan Steen

Steen: The Raven riveting in a ‘Ripperesque’ way

This fictionalized mystery sees Edgar Allan Poe and a detective trying to find a killer whose methods of murder imitate Poe's writings.

Steen: Leave the men at home: Lucky One best seen with girlfriends

The Lucky One is the story of a young Marine whose luck was to find a photo of a girl who he had to meet when he returned to the real world.

Steen: Salmon Fishing in Yemen about dreaming the big dream

Salmon Fishing in Yemen just delightful from start to finish.

Latest Snow White flick disappoints

Mirror Mirror proves to be a cheesy rendition of the well known story.

Steen: Best thing about John Carter is the loin cloth

And so it was with unnerving predictability that I was first in line at the theatre for John Carter, the movie.

Steen: Hope for the world in The Lorax

Released on what would have been Dr. Seuss’ 108th birthday, The Lorax is playing all over town.

Steen: Get word of mouth working for local Jim Cliffe’s movie, Donovan’s Echo

Kudos to the local team of Jim Cliffe, Melodie Kreiger and the cast who brought us the movie Donovan’s Echo.

Steen: Safe House provides sanctuary for lovers of the spy genre

Saturday night I needed a diversion and thought Safe House would be a good choice—it was.

Steen: Out of the comfort zone and into The Woman in Black

I decided to take myself out of my comfort zone with the movie from Susan Hill’s 1983 novel, The Woman in Black.

Steen: Seeing Extremely Loud…is worth—‘every single minute’

There have been more than a few movies themed around the tragic and world changing events of 9/11.

Steen: All-out praise for Spielberg’s Tintin

I’m really just a kid at heart so New Year’s Eve for me can’t get much better than a 3D animation.