Serena Caner

Unplug and cook: Developing kitchen confidence in children

There are few activities I enjoy more than cooking: transforming the simple into the delicious.

Tips for coping with food cravings

One bite leads to another, until all we have left is an empty bag or plate and a little remorse

Is it hunger or your appetite?

My roommate in college had this odd habit of getting up part-way through a meal and walking around the room

Don’t be a bear this holiday

For many, winter brings about the longing for hibernation

Diabetes becoming increasingly prevalent

One of the most prevalent chronic diseases affecting almost 10 percent of Canadians is diabetes.

Is it time to say bye-bye to bacon?

As Ari Paparo commented on Twitter, “If I have to eat my bacon 15 feet in front of the building, standing in the cold, so be it.”

Meals an opportunity to share cultures

International conference on halal food titled, “Halal food: a border that does not divide."

Gratitude a healthy habit

I grew up in a family that prayed before every single meal.

Family mealtimes well worth making the effort

I remember coming home one night to a demoralized father and a hysterical daughter.

Tips for packing a healthy lunch

School has started, and with it the rote task of making lunches has begun.

The benefits and costs to local food

In Canada, it is estimated that the average meal travels 2,400 kilometres to get from field to plate…

Don’t make judgments about people’s size

The assumptions that the perfect body is achievable by eating the right foods and doing the right exercises is not true.

Always messy mealtimes with toddlers

Generally speaking, I am not a dog person. However, I find myself contemplating a dog almost every mealtime now

Making super salads

Potluck foods have changed dramatically in the past few years.

Avoid the experience of food poisoning

Food poisoning episodes are something we remember.

Think about kids and the relationship with food

With so many extreme health beliefs circulating, it is a challenge to encourage healthy eating without contributing to an eating disorder.

Physical activity: Do you measure up?

Growing up, my dad had a special relationship with our black Labrador retriever, Casey.

Garden to good eating

I had a moment in my garden the other day. The sunshine was warm on my back and birds were chirping.

Put more veggies on the plate

This past week, I was treated to a fancy meal in a vegetarian restaurant – Acorn, on Vancouver’s trendy Main Street

Ideas for recipe hunters

The Internet has made cooking much more accessible and exciting. However, for many people, the endless choice is overwhelming.