Samantha Garvey

Growing ahead: A look at local farming

Terrace’s economy has room to expand in an unexpected way

Local food promoted

Residents will be asked to play their role in increasing local food production at this year’s Skeena Valley Fall Fair

Fire strategy has shifted

Controlled fire burns can be good for the forest and prevent unexpected fires in the future

Firefighting costs drop this year

But there have been more fires in northwestern B.C. than last year.

Slick Talk: A history of oil tankers and B.C.’s coast

An in-depth look at the history of oil tankers and B.C.'s coast

Skeena MLA Austin says refinery proposal is “just an idea”

NDP MLA for Skeena Robin Austin says refinery proposal fundamentally doesn't change anything about the pipeline proposal.

Enbridge run touches Terrace

Kim Slater is running a marathon nearly every day as part of her campaign to encourage dialogue about energy alternatives.

Terrace wildfire cannot be reached

A small, spot fire 12 kilometres east of Terrace cannot be reached by crews because of steep inaccessible terrain.

Careful with campfires; open fire ban continues

Terrace had the only human-caused fire over the hot and dry weather at the end of July.

Twinspired performance abroad

Hockey players Jeff and Brendan Kennedy are headed back down south after a pit stop playing hockey in Europe

Watt drive: golfer tees off at Games

Tanner Watt was the only golfer from Terrace to compete in the BC Summer Games

U-brew owner excels at craft

Terrace business owner takes home gold in the Winemaker International Amateur Competition for 2012.

Northwest BC open fire ban takes hold July 13

Not included are campfires, gas or propane cooking stoves and briquettes.