Roy Strang

ENVIRO NOTES: One final word on sustainability

After years writing about the environment for the Peace Arch News, local environmentalist Dr. Roy Strang is retiring.

ENVIRO NOTES: Growing beyond our fragile world

In its 1972 book, the Club of Rome asserted that the world was in danger of running out of resources at some unspecified future time.

ENVIRO NOTES: Safe, renewable energy should be a priority

Many nuclear reactors are generating power safely, but opposition to nuclear-power generation remains strong, writes Dr. Roy Strang.

ENVIRO NOTES: Fixing ‘commons’ problem

In 1968, economist Garret Hardin caused a bit of a stir when he published an essay entitled The Tragedy of the Commons.

ENVIRO NOTES: River cared for by many

Habitat, wildlife of Little Campbell River at risk.

ENVIRO NOTES: Prepare for flood, drought

Crisis preparation is needed for our water supply, writes PAN environment columnist Roy Strang.

ENVIRO NOTES: We can’t ‘stop global warming’

The challenge of climate change is to remain adaptable, writes Dr. Roy Strang.

ENVIRO NOTES: Don’t just plant any trees

City of Surrey's tree canopy strategy requires critical thinking

ENVIRO NOTES: We’re better off, but still unprepared

We must be ready for an earthquake, writes PAN environmental columnist Dr. Roy Strang.

ENVIRO NOTES: The importance of being prepared

Earthquake rankings shouldn't calm our need for action

ENVIRO NOTES: Only we can protect our forests

National Forestry Week to be celebrated in September

ENVIRO NOTES: Cities’ trees need protection

Bylaws in place in both White Rock and Surrey, but are they strong enough?

Enviro Notes: Cultural divides over growth

Examining the energy use of emerging countries with increasing populations

ENVIRO NOTES: Sci-fi leaps vs. practicality

There’s little doubt that our climate is changing, but there’s uncertainty about the direction of change

ENVIRO NOTES: Bringing A Rocha to light

New book showcases work done by conservation group

ENVIRO NOTES: Water, water everywhere

B.C. residents may have enough to drink, but issues loom worldwide, writes environment columnist Dr. Roy Strang.

ENVIRO NOTES: Healthy, yet often ignored

Children benefit from time spent exploring nature.

ENVIRO NOTES: ‘In perpetuity’ but still at risk

Preserving South Surrey's Sunnyside Acres takes a community effort

ENVIRO NOTES: Digging to the root cause

Once established, invasive plants are difficult to eradicate and so the old cliché applies: prevention is better than cure.

ENVIRO NOTES: Foreign invasion our doing

B.C.'s Weed Control Act leads to increase in invasive plants