Ron Nutini

Mechanically Speaking: More reasons behind all that shaking

"That low speed shake or wobble could be the onset of a wheel about to fall off."

Mechanically Speaking: Why is there a whole lotta shakin goin on?

"When your steering wheel is shaking in your hands while you are driving it is not good."

Mechanically Speaking: Revisiting the popular ‘Check Engine’ light dilema

"We auto mechanics all have customers that continue to drive with that (check engine) light on."

Mechanically Speaking: I’m a fan of European cars

"It is probably not much of a secret. I like European cars. Especially the German kind."

Mechanically Speaking: Winter a crucial time for your vehicle’s performance

Winter driving demands the utmost in a vehicle. Safety, performance, reliability are paramount during the winter months.

Mechanically Speaking: Avoid using the force in cold weather

When the temperature is sub zero things break. Generally what breaks, breaks because of you.

Mechanically Speaking: Be prepared, winter is coming soon

Other than putting on the snow tires what else is there to do?

Just because it’s four-wheel drive, doesn’t mean it’s a mountain goat

The typical half ton four by four is not as equipped for off road use as it used to be.

Mechanically Speaking: Shocks and struts and safety

Give a gift of love this Christmas. Buy them a set of shocks or struts.

Mechanically Speaking: Attempting repairs yourself is admirable but sometimes questionable

"Doing your own repairs also requires tools. Unfortunately there is not a library of tools."

Mechanically Speaking : A little maintenance can go along way to ensuring a cool summer

"Once you have had air conditioning it is hard to give it up."

Cars feel the extreme heat just as much as people

"Trying to climb a steep grade at high temperatures and at high speed is the ultimate torture test for your automobile."

Mechanically Speaking: Nostalgia – Old vehicles with old problems

“Those were the days. I could fix one of those with a hammer, pliers, and a screwdriver.”

Mechanically Speaking: Be a good and smart Samaritan when jump starting a car

"The latest technology has made jump starting a vehicle a little more of a challenge than it used to be"

Mechanically Speaking: Cupholder conundrum leaves something to be desired

"Unfortunately many automakers choice of cupholder locations leave something to be desired."