Ron Cannan

Cannan: Service dogs will help veterans with PTSD

Pilot project to assess using psychiatric service dogs to assist veterans.

Cannan: Helping vets with stress disorder

Plus: Parliamentary Budget Officer report; low-cost, no-cost bank accounts for eligible Canadians.

Cannan: Federal taxes $30 billion less than eight years ago

MP's Report: Banks will offer no-cost, low-cost accounts to eligible Canadians by January, 2015

Cannan: New Horizons for Seniors community-based projects

The federal government is offering funds for community-based projects that help empower seniors.

Cannan: National Day of Honour May 9 at YLW  

As Canadians, it is our abiding duty to remember what our military did in Afghanistan, and why.

Cannan: Central Okanagan EDC receives matching federal funds

Central Okanagan Economic Development Commission receives funding under the Invest Canada-Community Initiatives Program.

Cannan: Feds will transfer $4.17 billion for health care in B.C.

These record transfers are providing long-term, stable funding so that our health care system is there when Canadians need it.

Cannan: ‘Our government’ will transfer $4.17 billion to B.C. health

In 2014-15, our government will provide British Columbia with $4.17 billion through the Canada Health Transfer.

Cannan: Protecting integrity of every ballot

Also: Have your say about the future of Canadian TV.

Cannan: Protecting integrity of every ballot

Concerns have been raised about the ability to vouch for someone at the ballot box…

Cannan: Federal Budget and the New Building Canada Plan

MP says Conservative government has ‘a better recipe for success’

Cannan: The public helped craft federal budget

Every year, constituents are given the opportunity to contribute to the (budget) discussion…

Cannan: The public helped craft federal budget

Every year, constituents are given the opportunity to contribute to the (budget) discussion…

Cannan: Higher efficiency light bulbs worth the extra cost

Consumers will be able to choose from more energy efficient bulbs in various shapes and sizes.

Cannan: Opportunities for seniors to reduce their tax burden

Information that helps explain the benefits and credits available to seniors and whether or not you are eligible.

Cannan: Feds provide back to school tax relief for students, families

I encourage post-secondary students…to make sure you are receiving all the educational tax relief to which you are entitled.

Cannan: Fluctuating prices at the pump monitored by government

Local MP Ron Cannan says Ottawa is watching gas prices across the country.

Cannan: Reporting some positive economic news

Canada ranked third among 36 countries on the OECD Better Life Index.

Cannan: PM looks to supreme court for direction on senate reform

In my view, talking directly to constituents, the grassroots, is still the best way to gauge what matters to the communities we represent.

Cannan: Ottawa won’t support outdated special tax treatments

Our government has cut tariffs by almost $600 million in an effort to bring prices of goods down.