Rolli Gunderson

Rolli’s Pages of History: 1990–a blast from our past

Rolli Gunderson reviews the events and happenings of 1990.

Remembrance Day: Death touches Cowichan Lake during WWII

Rolli Gunderson discusses the young men from around Cowichan Lake who fought and died in World War Two

Remembrance Day: Diary of a War Bride–Sailing to Canada

Rolli Gunderson shares the diary entries of a war bride who came to Canada in the 1940s.

Remembrance Day: 100 years since the start of WWI

Rolli Gunderson discusses the anniversary of the beginning of the First World War.

Rolli Gunderson: Names and faces from past elections

Rolli Gunderson shares names and faces from past elections in Lake Cowichan

Ohtaki exchange celebrates 25 years in action

Last Wednesday morning a delegation from Ohtaki, Japan left the Cowichan Lake area. The visit marked the exchange's 25th anniversary.

Rolli: What a difference a decade makes

Rolli Gunderson details the differences between Lake Cowichan in 1994 and 2014.

From rails to trails

Rolli Gunderson continues to discuss the history of the railways, detailing how they've been turned into hiking trails.

All aboard the last train from Youbou

In March 1988 the last train from Youbou moved slowly through town on its final run before hastening on into oblivion.

Emily Carr’s bicycle trip to Lake Cowichan from Duncan

In 1895, a budding young artist and poet named Emily Carr, packed up her sketch book and pencil and took the train from Victoria to Duncan

‘Grantie’s been shot’: Body found near Sutton Creek

One dark October evening Grantie had been shot and his body found in Sutton Creek (near Honeymoon Bay).

Years ago Youbou thrived; booming little community

1945:Youbou was a thriving community with an ever-expanding lumber mill Industrial Timber Mill (ITM) and large logging operation.

Cowichan Lake characters of the past

Cowichan Lake characters of the past: Louie Green and the nasty Count

Happy childhood the E & N Railroad Station

Janie was no more than four-years-old when she arrived here at the Lake in 1915 with her parents Mr. and Mrs. Frank Griffin

The Swanson family tree branches out

In August 1960, long-time Cowichan Lake resident Carl Swanson celebrated his 75th birthday.

1958: Places to shop and things to do in Cowichan Lake

1958: Places to shop and things to do in Cowichan Lake area

Treasure lies at lake bottom

Mrs. Suzanne Simpson arrived here with her husband George Buchanan Simpson in 1912.

Excerpts from Youbou’s 1940s I.T.M. Bulletins

Under the headline The Stork Lands in Camp 3 a delicately worded 1944 birth announcement “stork left two dainty bundles in pink ribbons”

Cowichan Lake life in the 1950s

It was 1958 and teens were listening to songs like the Everly Brothers hits Bird Dog and All I have to do is Dream

Another memorable year for the Hillcrest reunion

Close to 70 people came out to the Hillcrest 12th Annual Reunion held last month at Mesachie Lake