Rob Brown

Travels with Mike IX

I shouldered my pack and started up the shore. My feet slipped with each step, forcing me to walk slowly and deliberately...

Travels with Mike VI

The snow moaned under the tires of Mike's truck as it came to a stop. We were wearing our waders in the cab...

Travels with Mike V

When the steelhead had slipped into the depths, Mike urged me to make my way to the head of the run and fish through it...

Travels with Mike III

Skeena angler Rob Brown remembers his old friend, Mike

Travels with Mike

Skeena angler says for him, the mention of the Gitnadoix will always be associated with Mike Whelpley

Setting them free

Accurate estimates of steelhead populations in most of this province’s rivers weren't available until the late 1970s...

Hatching suits

On the 18th of May 1980, Mount Saint Helens blew its top...


Lunch next to the stream is a pleasant part of the angling experience, a midday respite from the fishing...


Columnist Rob Brown remembers his friend, Dionys deLeeuw

Lost wallet found

There's a long trail of lost fishing gear marking columnist Rob Brown's fishing career

The Western Angler

Columnist Rob Brown finds a couple of rare books in Prince George

Shallow expectations

“Part of the joy of fishing, of rivers, of their fish and all the life about them, will always be their unpredictability.”

Wader evolution

Do you remember Seal Dris? Columnist Rob Brown does.

Miners (the wading pants, that is)

How this modern gear saved feet from what would have been a rotten destiny but also sent anglers splashing to possible doom

Kispiox costs

Columnist Rob Brown questions the true costs of an LNG pipeline running through the Kispiox valley

Fisher Road

Angler calls for the banning of ATV use along Fisher Road and the streams it crosses near Terrace, B.C.

Rainforest Nick

Angler taps Bornite mountain rescue hero as legend-in-the-making

Pest poison

This week, columnist Rob Brown talks about the harmful effects of pesticides

Oh, Oso

Columnist Rob Brown talks about anglers he met at Oso – and the warnings they heeded

North Fork

Angler recalls steelhead running in rivers far south of Terrace