Kristine Salzmann

Column: Say ‘Yes’ to creating Christmas memories

A ‘non toy’ Noël doesn’t mean bah-humbug, writes former Black Press reporter Kristine Salzmann.

COLUMN: Wireless kids are the best

Valuable lessons learned from a newborn's bout with a virus.

COLUMN: Deciding to delay screen time

How much, or how little, technology is beneficial for toddlers?

COLUMN: Parents get something out of social networking too

My salvation is family drop-in programs.

COLUMN: Not ready to break the bond

I feel fortunate I didn’t have to stop breastfeeding my daughter at 12 months or earlier as many moms do when they return to work full-time.

COLUMN: The preschool predicament

When it comes to long-term benefits, it’s not so much which preschool a toddler goes to, but whether they attend at all.

COLUMN: Growing into fatherhood

Leader columnist Kristine Salzmann's husband shares how he felt becoming a parent.

COLUMN: Raise a reader – in any format

Fond memories are made when reading with your children.

COLUMN: We’re not used to used

Why isn't giving second-hand gifts socially acceptable?

COLUMN: Too much food for thought about healthy eating

Sometimes it's difficult to discern fact from fiction about what foods are safe for children.

COLUMN: Building pride as a stay-at-home mom

Why is there a need to justify such an important job?

Harness racing set to start

Fall season officially kicks off this weekend at Fraser Downs, with races Aug. 18 and 19 starting at 12:45 p.m.

COLUMN: A parenting milestone reached

Reflecting on a year of being a mother.