Reg Berrington

108 Mile Ranch news

Game Warden's Cabin now located at 108 Heritage Site

Two Christmas Eve services will be held at CCLF in 108 Mile Ranch

If you are also interested in being baptized in the new year, contact Pastor Rick Barker at the church

108 Mile Ranch news

Mile 108 Elementary School receive $1,500 from local Lions

108 Mile Ranch news

108 Mile Ranch Volunteer Fire Department recruits new members

108 Mile Water System information meeting attracts large turnout

On Feb. 19, a meeting was held at the 108 Mile Community Hall to discuss the 108 Mile and Sepa lakes groundwater and wells

A night to remember

Psalm 23's Northern Courageous Starfish Awards a huge success

Two uncles joined Army before the Second World War

Two soldiers went to the war, but only one returned

108 Mile Ranch news

Mile 108 Elementary School preparing for Winter bazaar

Below the Belt Group hosts meeting

Support through experience and mentorship offer for men with below-the-belt issues

Studio to Studio event a win for all concerned

108 Mile Ranch self-guided art tour attracts many visitor for eight artists

Sheep Dog Trials were well worth attending

Dogs and handlers have 11 minutes top separate and pen sheep and lambs