Ray Grigg

The inner ecology and the importance of silence

We give considerable attention to the physical ecologies outside our bodies but…

Phoenix: The Question of Hope

The mythology of this magical bird recounts its periodic and fiery death

Leveraging community support

Freyja Reed’s Oct. 29 dismissal from the U-15 Riptide girl’s soccer team

Shoe leather, trauma and change

Consider nearly 10 years of Stephen Harper’s single obsession with economics

Election 2015: An ending and a beginning

Grigg: Much is to be done and he has much to do

Silent Sun: An environmental allegory

Boastful Rain, Blustery Wind and Silent Sun were in the sky one day discussing the qualities of power

The niqab – a symbol for the fear gripping Canada

The Harper government has tried to deny her citizenship by launching successive court challenges

The Cognitive Revolution: A deep insight into environmentalism

Harari comes remarkably close to identifying the deepest source of our present environmental predicament

The Leap Manifesto: A vision for Canada’s future

Perhaps this single character best represents the mood in Canada these days

On doing nothing: reflections on environmental action

Sobering environmental news, worrisome scientific studies and disturbing media coverage urge us to action

Reflecting on a difficult question – who are we as a human species?

What is humanity’s collective character? The answer has huge implications

Burning: A summer of fire, smoke, ash and change

Fire-fighting costs are multiplying, the economic damage is soaring, and the environmental consequences are foreboding

Adapting to inevitable climate change

SHADES OF GREEN: Adaptability will likely become a euphemism for survival

The strange and elusive 2°C global temperature target

SHADES OF GREEN: As urgency is forced to the edge of desperation, huge expectations are being placed on all nations

The Dutch lawsuit: citizens sue government for climate neglect

SHADES OF GREEN: Judges ruled that the current action on climate change by The Netherlands is insufficient to protect its citizens

Revisiting Capitalism vs. Climate

SHADES OF GREEN: The two have been erroneously identified as being mutually exclusive

Laudato Si: Pope Francis’s Encyclical Letter

SHADES OF GREEN: Remove the encyclical from the context of the Catholic Church and it reads like a tract from worried environmentalists

Climate lag means consequences of current climate damage will be our legacy

SAHDES OF GREEN: This means that the climate we are getting in 2015 was generated about 1975

Scathing response to government pro-farming stance

SHADES OF GREEN: The professors express “deep concern” that the risk to wild salmon from net-pen salmon farming

G7 decarbonization – a declaration for qualified celebration

SHADES OF GREEN: The declaration is official recognition that the continued burning of fossil fuels is ecologically unsustainable