Paul Hergott

Hergott: Personal injury claims don’t include ‘bonus’ jackpot

Do whatever you can, within reason, to make your claim as small as possible.

Hergott: Impatient motorists, irritated cyclists missing the point

Instead of motivating people to ride their bikes more often, the main discussion is each group complaining about the other.

Hergott: ‘A man who is his own lawyer has a fool for a client’

Instead of being compensated for his injuries, man faces a bill of tens of thousands of dollars.

Hergott: Supreme court ruling changes disbursements

This legal issue has to do with the interest incurred by lawyers to finance expenses.

Hergott: Texting at the top of distractions when behind the wheel

A study found no difference in driver distraction between manual texting and texting using voice commands.

Hergott: Convincing drivers to handle the steering wheel properly

I found that it takes effort to keep my hands at a particular location on the steering wheel.

Hergott: Injury claims a matter of pain

If you wouldn’t have that pain had the crash not occurred…you are entitled to full compensation for your losses.

Hergott: Injury claims a matter of pain

If you wouldn’t have that pain had the crash not occurred…you are entitled to full compensation for your losses.

Hergott: Negotiating tactic can be misleading

An ICBC negotiating tactic, an unfair one in my view, has allowed new life to be breathed into a claim.

Hergott: Communicating the message that one crash is too many

My 11 year old daughter needed to get up to speed on One Crash is Too Many for a school project.

Hergott: Dealing with cigar selling beach hucksters

Here's an opportunity to giggle a bit at my expense.

Hergott: Soft tissue injuries recovery can have long-term necessity

The insurance company will regularly refuse to consider a settlement that includes funding for therapy indefinitely into the future.

Hergott: Lawyers learn from clients about anatomy

Over the years of handling car crash injury cases, I have benefited from extensive “on the job training.”

Hergott: Drivers encouraged to take responsibility for their actions

Even when it is abundantly clear, with several independent eye witnesses, many drivers will deny their fault.

Hergott: Calculating the lifespan of an injured car accident victim

The issue of how long an injured victim is going to live comes up more often than you might think.

Hergott: Sidewalk snow clearing bylaw useless if not enforced

More from legal columnist Paul Hergott on residents' responsibility to clear snow from the sidewalks outside their homes.

Hergott: Show a little common sense when venturing out on slippery sidewalks

At this time of year common sense, as well as proper foot ware, is required when out and about.

Hergott: Homeowners need to keep front sidewalks safe to walk

Both Kelowna and West Kelowna have bylaws requiring owners to clear snow from sidewalks in front of their properties.

Hergott: Be prepared and accept consequences for an accident

Hit and run is a criminal offense, by the way. Smashing into the back of stopped traffic is not.

Hergott: Raising the level of consequences for bad driving choices

The combination of immediate consequences and driver education is, in my view, a brilliant one, and it has proven effectiveness.