Paul Hergott

Hergott: Kids watch–and then mimic–your every move

At what age do youth generally begin to learn to drive?

Hergott: Courts addressing impact of child porn

For every conviction, how many thousands of men are not being caught?

Hergott: Apparent minor accidents—life-long consequences

This was one of the multitude of collisions that…would have been reported as a minor collision resulting in no injuries.

Hergott: Cops’ ‘probable grounds’ suspicion

…a breath sample is requested: “If an officer has reasonable suspicion to believe a driver may be under the influence of alcohol…”.

Hergott: Still eager to cover more ground

As long as this platform remains open to me…you can look forward to another anniversary column this time next year.

Hergott: Art of negotiating out of a bullying scenario

My wife was waiting for me, safely, on the other side of the street. She’s not one for confrontation. Not many people are, in my experience.

Hergott: Causing a crash while uninsured leaves few excuses

There is an exception to the flexibility of consequences…It comes if you fail to renew your vehicle insurance and cause a crash.

Hergott: Driving fatalities to be remembered at service in Kelowna

Sunday, Nov. 17, is the World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims.

Hergott: The realities of legal risk in the pursuit of volunteering

What are some of the legal responsibilities related to involvement in a non-profit organization?

Hergott: One tool to help drivers achieve zero crash tolerance goal

Is it reasonable for us, as a society, to have a zero tolerance when it comes to car crashes?

Hergott: Ottawa sends signal ready to reform assisted suicide law

We inherited our “common law” from England…strongly influenced by a religion which saw suicide as a direct defiance of God’s will.

Hergott: How search for a mate can land you in traffic court

Should 'fair compensation' include the very real financial loss arising from a reduced ability to attract a mate.

Hergott: More deaths from talking hands-free than drunk driving

The use of the cell phone, hand-held or hands-free, a major cause of traffic accidents and should be banned and penalized.

Hergott: Hurtful letter about autistic boy draws international ire

There happens to be a [legal] mechanism called the negligent (careless) or intentional infliction of mental suffering.

Hergott: Breast baring limitations not legally clear

In 1906 in Kelowna, if a woman had bared her breasts in public she might have spent time in jail.

Opinion: Breast baring limitations not legally clear

Columnist Paul Hergott says explains the legal bureaucracy that deals with women going topless in public.

Hergott: Accident fault status can work against you in court

…you can’t be confident that anything ICBC tells you about your claim is true.

Hergott: A diary is a useful record to keep after an accident

Except in very rare circumstances, your diary notes will not be admissible in court.

Hergott: Think before signing off on settlement

Your signature on the Release is a mere formality. Whether or not you sign that Release, your case could by settled by a telephone message.

Hergott: Diary can help you recall injuries

Except in very rare circumstances, your diary notes will not be admissible in court.