Paul Hergott

Latimer: Beyond healthy into compulsive exercise

We likely all know someone who takes exercise and fitness beyond what is healthy or balanced and into the realm of compulsion.

Hergott: Legal provisions if over-extended by car payment debt

I am a “David and Goliath” guy. I love it when the stone in the slingshot takes down the big, bully giant.

Hergott: Take small step to reducing road carnage

Increasing automobile insurance doesn’t seem to translate into increased driver care.

Hergott: When it comes to legal accountability, money talks

(A writer) concluded by thanking me for “showing just what a leach your business is.” At the root of the matter, she’s bang-on correct.

Hergott: Full injury recovery not always likely

Had the other driver kept on his side of the road, her mom would have made it home.

Hergott: Charter rights help provide legal balance

Our Charter rights are the rights of Canadian citizens owed to us by the government.

Hergott: Fundamental rights require acceptance

My ignorance became apparent to me as my eyes were opened…at a special meeting of the Law Society of British Columbia.

Hergott: Swerving to save an animal can lead to court

…As a matter of law, (a driver did) not owe a duty to the dog—he owed a duty to his passengers.

Hergott: Elderly confronted by unfair driving prejudice

Most of us take our mobility for granted. Think about how you would manage if your car was taken away from you.

Hergott: Life become expendable once we’re inside a vehicle

How can we show such intense, scratching and clawing care on the one hand and such a passing lack of care and concern on the other?

Hergott: Give your muscles a chance to react to injuries

Car crash victims at first don’t have any detectable injury. Then the pain kicks in the next morning.

Hergott: Champion for small claims court

I still very much remember the wide assortment of legal matters that came across my desk as an articling student.

Hergott: Trinity Western law school bid conflicting for lawyers

…discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation has been eliminated from many Christian faiths, not so with TWU.

Hergott: Insurance may have to pay for loss of value if car’s been crashed

If purchasing a used vehicle, one of the most important questions to ask is if it has been in a crash.

Hergott: ‘Warm and fuzzy’ relations can vanish

Insurance companies step in to look after the negligent drivers I am holding accountable on behalf of my injured clients.

Hergott: Art of negotiation hinges on ‘walk away’ strategy

The closer you get to those courthouse steps, the more fair the offers become…

Hergott: Court ordered award not a ‘win’ if it doesn’t beat formal offer

Where liability (fault) is agreed, a “win” in a personal injury case is any award of compensation for injuries and losses, however small.

Hergott: Dealing with shared liability

There is absolutely nothing that the innocent driver in some scenarios could have done to avoid the collision.

Hergott: Don’t blame winter accidents on bad road conditions

Slow down! Irresponsible drivers cause crashes on snowy roads.

Hergott: Unjust clause should have been avoided

The sooner the legislation is amended, the sooner designated drivers can feel protected if their drunk passenger causes a crash.