Paul Hergott

Hergott: Technology is helping improve road safety

I am becoming excited about technology that might put a dent in the car crash epidemic.

Hergott: What good can come from driving tragedy?

How could it be that something positive might come from Alexandra's senseless tragedy?

Hergott: Fairness for damage claims varies with each individual

Some of us seem more equipped than others to respond to what life throws our way.

Hergott: Placing a value on accident injuries disrupting your life

To make a decision, you need to know how close the offer is to fair and how long it will take to achieve that fair compensation…

Hergott: Most car crash injuries are invisible

The stretched, strained and torn connective tissues of our body don’t show up as damaged when medical scans are done.

Hergott: Backtracking in defence of ex-CBC broadcaster

I put my best soft porn writing talent into describing, a sexually charged lead up to that brief, non-consensual, violent episode.

Hergott: Curtail road traffic accidents by staying alert

When my mind wanders, so do my hands. The movement of my hands to more comfortable positions alerts me to refocus my attention.

Hergott: Better to avoid our ‘wrongs’ than to pursue litigation

She does not admonish him for the brief spanking, nor does she report it…That is, until 10 years later when she comes out of the woodwork…

Hergott: Safe driving habits easier than facing world of litigation

Columnist offers his opinion of former media announcer's personal actions.

Hergott: Injury claims require time to resolve

Fair compensation includes compensation for your injuries and losses up until the date of the settlement as well as those into the future.

Hergott: Getting better is a good thing

If you don’t know—how your recovering is proceeding—I will insist that you ask.

Hergott: Degree of injury often understated

There are spring type devices in your bumper that jolt your vehicle forward. That’s how whiplash type injuries occur.

Hergott: Injuries inevitably change lives

After enough time passes, and your medical team runs out of “magic pills” to fix you, that grim possibility becomes a reality.

Hergott: Mediation resolves legal disputes

I encourage anyone poised to spend insane amounts of money and time fighting a legal dispute to seriously consider involving a mediator.

What constitutes ‘serious’ when it comes to an injury?

The vocabulary commonly used to describe 'soft-tissue' injuries makes matters worse.

Hergott: Shaming us to drive responsibly

The failure to pay attention to the road ahead of you is the overwhelming cause of car crashes—period, full stop, end of story.

Hergott: It’s just plain stupid not to wear your seatbelt

Failure to wear a seatbelt puts yourself at risk along with everyone else in your vehicle…

Hergott: Safety message starts early

Children don’t have the life experience necessary to appreciate risk and consequences. So we parents supervise.

Hergott: Basis of civil lawsuit not aided by need to hide injuries

The longer you stay away from work, the more income you lose and the more likely you will lose income in the future.

Hergott: Don’t let injury curtail your life

Smile, dance, and relish every pleasure you are able to squeeze out of what might be a very painful, physical injury.