Paul Hergott

Hergott: Don’t try to sell me a car that’s been in a collision

Don’t bother trying to sell me damaged goods. Well, unless you sell it to me at a deep discount…

Hergott: Fighting the resistance to driver accountability

Headlines should inspire a higher sense of driver responsibility, and with that, a reduction of winter crashes…

Hergott: Auto insurance benefit flying under the radar

Total Temporary Disability provide benefits if you are unable to work as a result of crash injuries. 'Upsell' yourself to 75 per cent.

Hergott: Keeping residential sidewalks safe in winter is up to all of us

Maybe it’s time for our municipalities to start imposing fines for non-compliance. Perhaps a public shaming website…might be effective.

Hergott: Placing trust in your legal counsel

…great care needs to be taken to choose (service providers) who are worthy of our trust.

Hergott: Message of driving safely finds support

The RCMP who investigate crashes are the most qualified to help us understand that the vast majority of crashes are entirely avoidable.

Hergott: Ceremony to commemorate traffic fatalities

Every day and a half, someone in British Columbia is killed in a road traffic incident. Every 6 1/2 minutes, someone is injured.

Hergott: Keep the kids safe is parents top job

…it takes a conscious choice to plan ahead and…not end up in an impaired circumstance where we might make even poorer choices.

Hergott: Legal rights have deadlines

Children’s injury claims arising from car crashes have two different limitation periods. How’s that for confusing.

Hergott: Dealing with anxiety of a child hurt in an accident

A pediatric physiotherapist is skilled at assessing those who might be too young to articulate symptoms…

‘Lawyering up’ changes injury claim process

There may be misleading advice from some adjusters about the consequences of not making a deal.

Hergott: Soft tissue injuries from a crash can last a lifetime

It's a scientific reality that a percentage of those suffering soft tissue injuries in crashes will never fully recover.

Paul Hergott

Exposing faulty arguments made by insurance adjusters

Seeds of doubt help claims adjusters to convince you to accept a level of compensation that is far below what is fair.

Paul Hergott

Hergott: Natural body aging excuse to lessen insurance claim

There are a number of common arguments some insurance adjusters make that are lacking in logic, science and law.

Hergott: ICBC applauded for rooting out insurance scammers

The “jump-in” scheme where relatives of someone who has actually been in a crash pretend that they were in the crash as well.

Hergott: Blame shifts from negligent driver to injured victim

Our court system is there to protect us from common sense and fair notions being twisted by ICBC defence lawyers….

Hergott: Dashboards are an unsafe ‘footstool’

What will happen to you if your foot, or part of your leg, is in the way when the air bag deploys?

Hergott: Determining compensation not just mathematical

Is the quality of life of an older person of less value than that of a younger person?

Hergott: Get busy after a crash to preserve evidence

The best way to tell a reliable story of how your injuries have impacted you will be by keeping a journal as the events have occurred.

Hergott: Resume your activities after an injury

I recommend that you struggle with every fibre of your being to let go of as little of your life as possible…