Paul Hergott

Paul Hergott.

Hergott: Putting lawyers in awkward position

Capital News columnist says confidentiality clauses in court case settlements a strike against accountability and prevention.

Paul Hergott.

Hergott: Adhere to intersection left-turn protocols

It takes patience to make a safe left-turn. Some of Kelowna's major intersections are the worst for crashes in the province.

Hergott: No shortcuts for recovery from car crash injuries

A failure to follow through with medical care could result in a reduction of your compensation recovery.

Hergott: Horrendous ‘accidents’ create accountability standards

It was impossible to identify, and hold accountable, the person who created that hazard in the first place.

Hergott: Recording a conversation shines a legal light on the truth

There was some sort of squabble the other day between our two youngest children, who are ages 10 and 12.

Hergott: Presumption of negligence when injured no sure thing

In the “no fault” world of Worksafe BC, a workplace injury is compensable regardless of how it occurs.

Hergott: Road safety intolerance

The magnitude of the loss represented by those driving crashes is absolutely mind boggling.

Hergott: Fine raised for driving while using electronic device

Why is the latest crash data, reported in ICBC’s February 2016 report, from 2013 [and still] “not yet fully available”?

Hergott: Defining injury claim amount

(For compensation the court will) predict what the future would have been absent the crash.

Hergott: Criminal conviction for parents over death of a child

Parents who spend the…energy to learn about and administer natural remedies…are going a significant distance above and beyond…

Hergott: Art of negotiating–understand the bottom line

At some point in any negotiation, if you push hard enough, you will come up against the portrayal of a brick wall.

Hergott: Overlooked aspects of negotiating a civil settlement

By raising your awareness of negotiation tactics, you can protect yourself and others from manipulation.

Hergott: Negotiating a fair settlement #3

Even medical science has difficulty understanding exactly what it is going on with soft tissue injuries…

Hergott: Ghomeshi case a rush to judgement

Then came the trial, when those casting out their allegations through the media were required to testify under oath…and cross-examination.

Hergott: How to deal with negotiation tactics, Part2

Preparation can nullify manipulation when it comes to dealing with insurer after an auto collision.

Hergott: How to deal with negotiation tactics

Kelowna News: This is the first of a series of columns to help you recognize when you are being manipulated.

Paul Hergott

Hergott: Take special care around school buses

Columnnist says drivers need to take extra precautions when youngsters are loading and off-loading from school buses.

Paul Hergott

Hergott: Small claims court option to achieve justice

What if ICBC wrongly assesses you as being at fault for a crash?

Hergott: Gender inequality plays out in donation efforts

Premier Christy Clark being a notable exception, the majority of influential people in our community happen to be men…

Columnist regrets negative insights into autobody work

Just like every industry, there are those who are leaders of quality and service and those who are substandard.