Paul Hergott

Hergott: Magic pill defense plays on our optimism

I do what I can to ensure that my clients do anything and everything possible to get better.

Hergott: It wasn’t me

Avoiding responsibility for our actions seems to be a natural human instinct.

Hergott: Charter protects criminals

Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it), a hunch isn’t enough to arrest and jail someone in Canada.

Hergott: 10th anniversary column

There has been a gradual shift of focus over the over 500 columns I’ve written.

Hergott: Take steps to get better after an accident

Is it fair that a victim’s efforts to get better be scrutinized? I think it’s a sensible law, but it can lead to injustice.

Hergott: ICBC rate hike reflects continually bad driving habits

Money talks. ICBC’s ‘worst case scenario’ rate increase of 42 per cent over the next four years is screaming out. Will we listen?

Remembering driving accident victims

Capital News columnist Paul Hergott says another day of remembrance will be held Nov. 16 for road traffic victims.

Hergott: Pay respect to winter driving conditions

Road conditions change minute to minute throughout the winter … it's our responsibility to drive accordingly.

Hergott: Getting a fair legal shake on potential loss of income

Highly motivated, stoic people who successfully work through their pain are entitled to compensation.

Hergott: Attentive driving responsibility should be considered

Is a rear-ender collision always the fault of the rear-ending driver?

Hergott: Focus your attention on the road when driving a vehicle

There is an endless list of distractions … Consider your dentist having a hands-free phone discussion while drilling on your tooth.

Hergott: Further reflection on creep catchers

Capital News columnist Paul Hergott still has second thoughts about potential injustice of social media lynchings.

Hergott: Creep Catcher movement raises mixed feelings

He is reduced to an apologetic, pathetic, broken man, exposed in his sexual aberration as if he was sitting there, naked.

Hergott challenge: Learn the rules of the road and follow them

Have you ever, when coming out of a parking lot, actually brought your vehicle to a complete stop before your vehicle got to the sidewalk?

Hergott: Insurance rates don’t go up because claimants hire lawyers

Lawyer’s don’t have any special magic that can increase your claim for tangible losses.

Hergott: Lessons learned as physical fitness comes and goes

For me, the 750 metre swim, 20 km bicycle ride and 5 km run are together a goal of marathon proportions.

Hergott: Pedestrians have the right of way at all intersections

A pedestrian has the right of way at every street corner, not just those marked as crosswalks.

Hergott: Do you know law around jaywalking?

We discussed the irony of me…seemingly breaking the rules of the road and thereby putting my life in danger.

Hergott: Inattentive driving habits costly

Attentiveness will not be achieved if we are lulled into believing that safe driving means avoiding specific prohibited driving behaviours.

Hergott: Legal confidentiality is a strike against accountability

Every confidential settlement covers up whatever “wrong” it was that led to the claim.