Norman Silverstone

Trip down memory lane takes time

Refreshing old photographs takes time but is worth it.

Cousins re-connect with Google

What a fabulous electronic new age we live in.

Time passes, but it’s always good to back it up

The Time Machine program in my MacBook Pro refused to back-up my hard drive to my Seagate external hard drive.

Focus on home reveals photo gems

Looking at familiar scenery through a different lens.

England’s a bewitching place, where fairies live and Canadian money quickly disappears

England is a magical place of witches, elves, goblins and fairies; no, I didn’t see any.

Shooting a painting is exacting work

Last month I photographed some acrylic and watercolour paintings; what an elaborate setup it is to properly photograph such paintings.

RAW talk about photos

Raw images are the closest to film that one can get from a camera. RAW images are non compressed and not processed in the camera.

DIGI-PIXELS: Keep your camera—and your environment— clean

Do you notice spots on your digital prints, always in the same place? Then chances are that you have a dirty DSLR camera sensor.

Discoveries are found in black and white film

Black and white film leads to richer photos than digital.

DIGI-PIXELS: Tips for taking great fireworks photos

Hard work pays off in life and taking fireworks photos for photography columnist Norman Silverstone.

DIGI-PIXELS: Lighting seminar was a hit, as was boat ride to Ucluelet

Library seminar on lighting was a hit for photography instructor Norman Silverstone

Capturing treasured memories of your kids

Ace photographer Norman Silverstone offers tips and tricks of the trade for taking pro-quality pictures of your children.

Moonrises and Vespas

Photographer Norman Silverstone photographs the moon in its fullness.

Tips and photo tricks for a rainy day’s read

Ace photographer Norman Silverstone imparts tips and tricks he's picked up over the years in the trade.

Older cameras still good in a pinch

PHOTOGRAPHY : | Alberni ace photographer Norman Silverstone heads out and takes pics with an older model Nikon camera.

Small cameras make big memories too

Photo aficionado Norman Silverstone gives his take on taking pictures with a small camera.

Cross-Canada rail trip an inspiration for writer

A cross-Canada rail trip an inspiration for resident photo aficionado Norman Silverstone.

Life’s a beach with a camera

Photographer Norman Silverstone captures the hidden beauty that no one else notices at Miracle Beach Provincial Park.

DIGI-PIXELS: get eagle-eyed with long lens

Alberni Valley photographer Norman Silverstone talks tech with one of his latest photography assignments.

Software glitch a hassle for photographer

Photo columnist Norman Silverstone loves his Mac laptop, but the new operating system doesn’t.