Nicole Trigg

Editorial: To legalize or not to legalize, that is the question

Results of the recently-released Ipsus Reid poll show one in three Canadians support full legalization of marijuana in Canada.

Editorial: Agri Fair a great success despite low turnout

A special treat was in store for those who did take time to tromp through the hay field under the hot sun

Editorial: Squabbling over Park Amendment Act semantics

If the critics’ accusations prove correct, the secretive semantics surrounding the real intent behind Bill 4 will prove to be a sneaky ploy

Editorial: Recognizing our young athletes

The 2014 BC Summer Games start in Nanaimo tomorrow (Thursday, July 17th) and run through to Sunday, July 20th.

Editorial: Playing the highest card in the deck

Thanks to ACE, the Columbia Valley communities do an excellent job making the promotion of inclusivity and access mainstream.

Editorial: Federal approval on pipeline comes as no surprise

When the federal government announced its approval of the Northern Gateway pipeline, press releases began pouring in

Editorial: Hitch a ride on the FIFA World Cup bandwagon

Despite Canada’s absence from the tournament, CBC is doing a fantastic job — as always — covering the event, the games and the players.

Editorial: User group competition continues

If small town politics were considered a community cause and a caring approach was used, then maybe we would see more success

Editorial: An amazing rescue all around

When it came over the scanner that a one-year-old infant was floating on her own down Dutch Creek, time seemed to stand still

Editorial: When does the end ever justify the means

British Columbians have made it clear they don’t like public policy without consultation

Editorial: Natural paradise a natural resources dream

Two international LNG conferences have taken place in Vancouver so far this year with a third planned for October

Editorial: Righting the wrongs for temporary foreign workers

A classic example of bad apples spoiling the whole bunch

Editorial: Righting the wrongs for temporary foreign workers

Abuse of the federal government’s temporary foreign worker program has resulted in a nationwide suspension for the food service industry

Editorial: Bennett’s many fingers in many pies going bad

Bill Bennett seems to have the knack for infuriating many people all at once, a talent that’s got provincial media hot on his heels.

Editorial: Giving credit where credit is due

That is, count them, four podium placements for the little heritage community newspaper that could.

Off the Record: Impending cull is no excuse to feed deer

I would have considered it a classic Kodak moment if it wasn’t for my mixed feelings about an impending deer cull.

The first issue of The Valley Echo's new design is on stands now!

Invermere Valley Echo launches new design

A new look for the valley's heritage paper has finally hit local stands.

The first issue of The Valley Echo's new design is on stands now!

Editorial: Change is afoot in the Columbia Valley

Our team is immensely enthusiastic about the new look of the old Echo.

New arthropod ROM 62976 discovered at the Marble Canyon site.

Epic animal fossil discovery in Kootenay National Park

Research team uncovers "motherlode" of Burgess Shale in Marble Canyon.

New arthropod ROM 62976 discovered at the Marble Canyon site.

Off the Record: Growing a green democracy

In the words of the Green Party of Canada's newest Member of Parliament Bruce Hyer: "Parliament is a mess… and is steadily getting worse."