Nicole Trigg

Editorial: Silence in the face of oppression is not the answer

The world watched the manhunt through Paris last week in horror, with terrorists killing 17 people in total

Editorial: Wining and dining is an easy victory

BC Liberal MLA Doug Clovechok and NDP MLA Norm Macdonald both share the opinion that changes to B.C.’s liquor laws are long overdue

Editorial: Hope for a new year of peace and reconciliation

The valley was a fairly quiet and uneventful place during the Christmas holiday week.

Editorial: Canadians’ political appetite could change in 2015

Kootenay-Columbia Member of Parliament has been doing a great job as a Conservative politician representing this remote, rural riding

Editorial: Relocation could take care of more deer for less

Communities eager to research and implement innovative and effective new solutions other than culling

“Substantially started” decision for Jumbo Glacier Resort delayed

The Environmental Assessment Office is looking into allegations that the ski resort's day lodge in located in a dangerous avalanche path.

Editorial: Mainroad just needs to weather the storm

B.C. Minister of Energy and Mines Minister Bill Bennett has publicly attacked Mainroad for its maintenance of East Kootenay roadways.

EDITORIAL: Damocracy appears to be guiding the Site C show

The Wild and Scenic Film Festival delivered a powerful punch on Saturday night at the Invermere Community Hall.

Editorial: ‘Tis the season to Shop Local

The Christmas season has officially begun in the valley.

Most valley voters vetoed the polling stations

voter turnout in Invermere and Canal Flats at 32 and 44 per cent

Thanking the Columbia Valley’s candidates

It’s been an interesting month leading up to the November 15th municipal election in the Columbia Valley.

What is going on at Whitetail Lake?

A concerned Calgary resident expressed his condemnation of development work taking place around Whitetail Lake

Snowmobiling management a fait accompli in B.C.

Snowmobiling is a popular winter pastime in the valley.

Unpopular forestry legislation axed for time being

government decision not to proceed with controversial changes

Common sense firearm licensing rife with paradox

The tabled amendments for firearms possession in Canada appear to be a bundle of mixed messages

Editorial: November municipal election just around the corner

What we’d like to know is what questions do you, the Valley Echo readers, want candidates to answer?

November municipal election just around the corner

Many readers are wondering when election campaign coverage will start

Editorial: The challenge ahead for Columbia Lake’s stewards

One of the most appealing and marketable features of Canal Flats is its extraordinary location at the source of the mighty Columbia

New recreation service area tax for Edgewater debated

The decision to fund part of Invermere’s new multi-use centre using the CVRSA tax base is meeting some opposition in Edgewater

Editorial: Looking beyond the numbers — at more numbers

The BCSTA needs to do a better job of advocating for the students for which they are responsible