Nicole Trigg

Editorial: A major blow dealt on the Jumbo battleground

A bureaucratic battle that’s become as familiar to locals and regulars has reached a conclusion — of sorts.

Editorial: Canal Flats concerns can’t be ignored

Village residents need to reconsider their opposition towards the proposed RV Resort

Editorial: Stetski strategy unveiled

Those of us following the federal election have been patiently waiting for the Liberals to declare a candidate

Federal budget allocates funds for TransCanada upgrades

On Tuesday, April 21st, the Conservative government released its federal budget and Kootenay Columbia MP David Wilks is pleased

Editorial: Cautious federal budget ignores the big picture

no surprise that the federal government is veering away from privatization talk

Crocus correction: to bee or not to bee

Editorial: Crocus correction: to bee or not to bee

underestimated readers’ committment to conservation and sustainability.

Crocus correction: to bee or not to bee

Columbia Basin Trust announces new board

Columbia Basin Trust announced its new Board of Directors, includes three individuals very well-known in the Columbia Valley.

Editorial: Growing awareness around food production

food security and local food sustainability come up as people look to assert some control over their lives in a very unpredictable world.

Columbia Valley anglers will benefit from new agreement

As of April 1st, 100 per cent of revenue generated from B.C. fishing licences is going to the Freshwater Fisheries Society of BC

Province responds to public pressure

The Lake Windermere Ambassadors have been calling for action to prevent the spread of invasive mussels in local waters

Editorial: The truth of Lyme disease is hard to take

Despite being declared a world epidemic by the World Health Organization, Lyme disease has continued to be an enigma of an illness in Canada

Editorial: Chalk another one up for Invermere council

After so many years of complaints, Invermere council has decided to proceed with some water testing

Editorial: When the auditor refuses to be audited

An ironic twist to an initiative that was intended to help local governments cut down on wasteful spending.

Editorial: Alarmist or alarmed? Protesting Bill C-51

reaction to the Conservative government’s proposed anti-terrorism law

Editorial: NDP may have a fighting chance

A new heavyweight has just stepped into the ring and former Cranbrook mayor Wayne Stetski is ready to fight.

Editorial: Jaw-dropping community success

It’s been just over two years since long-time Canal Flats resident left a huge amount of money to the Columbia Valley Community Foundation

Editorial: More needs to be done for local teens

teens in this region are using drugs and alcohol more than teens in other regions.

Editorial: Design and dollars look promising so far

The Columbia Valley’s multi-use centre is finally take shape.

Editorial: Wolves are paying for the Recovery Plan failure

The wolf kill is a last-ditch attempt of the government’s inability to properly manage its vested interests.

Editorial: Resurrecting the woolly mammoth

The frozen remains of the woolly mammoth discovered in Siberia in May 2013 may provide the platform for a never-before-done experiment