Neil Moore

Motoring: Big expectations for Mitsubishi’s smallest car

While Mitsubishi has been paring down its product line, they’ve added a vehicle that should deliver better numbers.

Motoring: MKZ Hybrid brings thrift to luxury segment

The new MKZ, with its swoopy lines, LED exterior lighting and split wing grille turned plenty of heads at auto shows I've been to.

Motoring: Fusion Hybrid delivers fuel savings without the sacrifice

The Fusion’s new, sleeker silhouette, sweeping character lines and thin roof pillars create an athletic profile.

Motoring: Ford’s C-Max Energi offers a greener people mover

I lack the patience for eco-friendly motoring…but my love for over-powered gas-guzzling V8s is challenged by my thrift.

Motoring: Kia goes upmarket with Cadenza sedan

Today’s Kia models not only look sharper both inside and out, but benefit from better build quality and loads of tech.

Motoring: Nissan Titan a full-size pickup contender

Toyota and Nissan have a reputation for building world-class small and now mid-size pickup trucks.

B-Class an attractive addition for Mercedes-Benz

The B 250 starts at the same price as its predecessor, but with a big jump in power, better driving dynamics and more standard content.

Motoring: Nismo turns up heat for NIssan Juke

Overall, this in-your-face exterior with lizard-eyed front end can be polarizing, but I like it.

Motoring: C-Class turns heads with two doors

But park beside the sedan's two-door sibling—the C-Class Coupe—and guess who steals the spotlight?

Motoring: Few compromises with BMW’s ActiveHybrid 3

In practice, most hybrids are a compromise between performance and fuel economy, with performance getting the short shrift.

Motoring: Practicality meets fun in BMW X3 SAV

Instead of relying on the milk of driver kindness, I tapped into one of BMW’s traditional strengths—power—to get a spot in traffic.

Motoring: Lexus ES 300h hybrid gets bolder styling

In designing the ES 300h hybrid sedan, Lexus wisely chose not to fix what wasn’t broken, but sharpened its look and driving dynamics.

Motoring: Hyundai Elantra Coupe gets top style marks

You get a well-equipped car in the base GLS with manual.

Motoring: Mercedes-Benz Sprinter vans were game for Alaskan journey

The Sprinter quickly ate up the miles, smoothly, and with some expected jouncing over sections of badly heaved pavement.

Turbo adds heat to Hyundai’s funky Veloster

During my time with the Hyundai Veloster, I had several friends who really liked its bold, curvaceous look. Others hated it.

Import auto makers paint LA green

Now, non-domestic manufacturers produce some of the most advanced hybrids, electrics and other fuel-efficient vehicles.

No shortage of ‘green’ tech from the Big Three domestics

At the recent Los Angeles Auto Show there was no shortage of shiny objects, even in the ‘green’ department this year.

JX is Infiniti’s ‘right-sized’ 7-passenger Sport Utility

Infiniti JX is arguably the most practical and best value of the bunch.

Redesign for 2013 makes a good Fusion even better

North Americans enjoy a vehicle lineup that has made quantum improvements in recent years.

MINI JCW a joy to look at and drive

MINI John Cooper Works is a serious performer crafted by BMW, not the quirky tin box made by British Motor Corporation.