Nancy Whelan

Keep KSS open and they will come

Kwalikum Secondary in Qualicum Beach is an asset it would be a shame to lose

Snail mail versus electronic mail

So what’s your preference …‘real’ mail or e-mail? I’m almost positive that the answers will be age-biased.

Blah is in, history and geography are out

Why do we have to always go for the bland when we name things?

Intestines of the soil

Willi Waws

How to eat an orange

There's more to it than you might think

Parksville’s Trillium Lodge auxiliary helps with change

When a person moves, through necessity, from the home and family he/she is accustomed to, into a new style of home, commonly called a facility, it can be a jarring and upsetting experience.

A lovely little article, don’t you agree?

I’ve taken the liberty of using for my title today, the words written at the top of a clipping sent to me last spring.

On the beach in Qualicum

Sometimes, the best thing to do is not much at all

School, path, garbage, speed?

A lack of concerns we haven’t. The problem is with trying to sort out the opinions, proposals, and weedy verbiage with which they are being presented. The truth probably lies somewhere in between.