Nancy Whelan

Ode to a genuine cabin from Qualicum Beach

Cabins are actually a very specific type of building

Give change a rest

You don't see London and Paris hiring a consultant to change their names

New, improved garbage collection

Even the way we collect our garbage has changed over the years

How many strings has an apron?

Nancy Whelan takes a look at the history of the apron

Exchanging older ideas for the new

I'm still in mourning for the death of snail mail, let alone e-mail

What is a living wage?

Movement to provide a living wage is catching on with some businesses

Fun and funds for the QB Museum

Replica of the Qualicum Beach hermit statue is just one of the new things coming down the pipe

Celebrating 100 years of school days

The Old School House arts centre gearing up for its anniversary year

Seedy Saturday brings you the pollinators

This year's Seedy Saturday event in Qualicum Beach has a focus on bees and other pollinating insects

Plenty of change afoot in 2012

Whether it's at the council table or in a seniors' facility, change is afoot

All kinds of possibilities await in the year 2012

Don't dwell on regrets about things you neglected to do in the past year

When in Port Loring, don’t miss Roxie’s Diner

From soups to salads to the main course, this was one fine diner

In house, out house

Some of my tales have an interesting point of origin

Are The Gardens on political radar?

It will be interesting to hear candidates' responses at upcoming forum

Revisiting local water storage

Water issues are of critical importance to the Oceanside area

Apostrophe angst begone

Where have all the apostrophes gone? Blown away through lack of use or misuse?

Still on guard at The Gardens


The flora along the Dollymount Trail

Last year a new paved trail in Qualicum Beach opened up an easy and peaceful walk or ride behind The Gardens and KSS.

Confessions of a bibliophile

Inspiration often shows up in the written word; enclosed in an envelope or in a sturdy, well taped box.

Taking recycling to the extreme

Enthusiastic recycling might have led to injury, but it also came up with novel ideas